Alexander Skarsgård

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Name: Alexander Skarsgård
Also Known As: ASkars
Occupation: Actor
Medium: television, film
Works: Generation Kill, True Blood, The Legend of Tarzan (2016)
Official Website(s): IMDB; Wikipedia
Fan Website(s): alex_skarsgard community on Livejournal
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Alexander Skarsgård is best known to fans outside of Sweden as Eric Northman from True Blood and Sgt Brad Colbert from Generation Kill. He was also in Zoolander as Meekus, one of the male models who dies early in the film. In 2016, he portrayed Tarzan in The Legend of Tarzan.

He is the son of Stellan Skarsgård (Bill Anderson from Mamma Mia!, Bootstrap Bill Turner from the POTC franchise), and brother of Bill Skarsgård (Pennywise from the 2017 version of IT and its sequel).

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illustrated portrait of Eric wearing a fur cape, on a light green background
Skarsgård's character Eric from True Blood. Art by Bohemian Weasel.