Every Marine a Wolfbrother

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Title: Every Marine a Wolfbrother
Author(s): Dira Sudis
Date(s): 07/2011 - 10/2013
Length: 8 stories, ~176k words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Generation Kill / A Companion to Wolves
External Links: Series on the AO3

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Every Marine a Wolfbrother is a Generation Kill fanfic that is an AU fusion with A Companion to Wolves (by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette). The story takes the psychic wolves / soulbonded-to-animals trope which is central to A Companion to Wolves and updates it, bringing it into the modern era and the Iraq War as depicted in Generation Kill. The work is popular and highly influential, inspiring other fanfiction with the Psychic Wolves trope.

Comments and Reviews

In a rec post, thefourthvine wrote:

Okay, I think every single person who is willing to read a series featuring US Marines psychically bonded to wolves has already read this, but my philosophy about that is that I don't care, I'm recommending it anyway. If I worry about things like timeliness and so on, I will never get anything posted. (This is why I don't instarec. If I did, it would read like, "OMG you guys totally go check out Dorothy Sayers! And this Murasaki lady is pretty darned awesome as well!")
And I would actually have recommended it earlier except I kept debating about which of the stories in the series to recommend. I finally realized that this was a sign I should just go with the whole series. (Yes, I did already recommend the first story in this series. So good I recommended it twice!) Because this is amazing. I've mentioned before that I have never and will never read A Companion to Wolves, but this series does such an incredible job of updating it, bringing it into a modern context, and making it make sense. Which is. You know. Amazing. I mean, this is Dira, so you sort of expect amazing, but still. This series is basically the equivalent, in terms of challenge level and so on, of writing a Tolkien barista AU and making it work.[1]

On her journal as part of a post in the Fandom Snowflake Challenge, Kass wrote:

I read Dira's series before I'd ever seen a single ep of GK, and I fell wildly in love with the characters stat. If you know and enjoy the whole psychic wolves phenomenon as it exists in A Companion to Wolves, I think you'll be dazzled (as I was) by the way Dira brings it into the modern age; if you don't, that's okay, because I am here to tell you that you will pick it up as you go along, and these stories are awesome[.][2]


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