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Name: Brigantine
Alias(es): brigantine1
Type: Fan writer
Fandoms: C6D, due South, Lord of the Rings
URL: LJ fic index
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Brigantine has been a writer in the due South fandom since 2007.

Writing style

mergatrude in ds_profiles says about Brigantine 's due South writing:

"Brigantine does sweet, and funny, and heartbreaking all with equal skill. […] Her established relationship stories are full of underwritten warmth and care; when she writes first times, the clues drop in delicious morsels. Not only is her Ray Kowalski voice charming and brilliant, she writes Ray through Fraser's eyes brilliantly. She gives her Vecchio delicious snark, while showing us the size of his heart. Her Fraser is most often adorably daffy. She also writes great snippets." [1]

Notable Works

due South

  • It Never Really Was About the Car (Fraser/Vecchio, PG). Fraser stays up all night watching Starsky and Hutch. Great RayV voice, complete with snark. Adorably loopy Fraser.
  • Leeward - Due South/The Invisible crossover (Benton Fraser/Brian Larsen, PG). This is a follow-up fic to aerye's 9.30 to Yellowknife, which broke Fraser. Here Brigantine shows us Fraser years later.
  • Keeping Kowalski (Kowalski/Vecchio, PG-13). Disheveled as an alley cat dragged through a knothole backwards, and just as grumpy, Kowalski should not be that... cute. Sweet Baby Jesus, this was bad, very bad. Ray cast aside his pride and resorted immediately to the lowest threat he could imagine. "I will call your mother, and tell her about the deplorable state of your underthings, should you some day need to be taken away in an ambulance. See if I don't."


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