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Name: aerye
Type: writer, challenge organiser
Fandoms: Due South, Professionals, SPN
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When aerye joined LiveJournal in 2002, her first post promised "Sincere if often inarticulate praise of dS - all flavors of Rays, Smallville, and Harry/Snape fiction, with occasional road trips to SorkinLand, TWW and Sports Night."[1]

in Due South

aerye entered Due South fandom just as the Ray Wars were subsiding and was a strong proponent of Ray/Ray from the start. Her first story in the fandom was You Get What You Need, posted in May 2003.[2]

A self-described High Princess of Angst and Darkness, when aerye started writing FKV, she initially declared it her "happy place", but within months she was taking much delight in breaking them up. She claimed, "it's really not about writing happy or sad. It's about conflict."[3]

Similarly, she typically leans towards a fairly angst-ridden interpretation of the Ray/Ray relationship:

...see, I know there's this notion floating around that Ray/Ray is the red construction paper hearts of dS but...well, only if the heart is hacked out with a very sharp knife and has droplets of blood around the edges. I mean, my Ray/Ray. Obviously, there are many Ray/Rays and your Ray/Ray is as good as mine and I'll probably even read your happy stories and love them (and actually, the whole slutty RayK thing is kinda nice, too, if not my first choice). But that's not where my head goes with Ray/Ray. I mean, on Valentine's Day? Ray thinks too much about Fraser, which makes him feel guilty, which makes him mean and twitchy. And Vecchio? Yeah, okay, Vecchio buys Valentine's Day cards. First he buys a romantic one, and then maybe a friendly one, and finally maybe a funny one, but the thing is? He never gives Kowalski any of them. 'Cause, no. Doesn't happen. And maybe one day Ray is looking for something and looks in Vecchio's desk and finds a whole stack of discarded VAlentine's Day cards and he knows who they were for but...he never says anything about it either. So, no--no red construction paper hearts here.[4]

fandom organising

In 2004, aerye founded the DS seekrit santa holiday exchange, which she ran until 2006. (sprat took over from 2007.)


aerye's writing style is crisp and brutal. She describes the characters vividly, and often focuses on conflicting desires and loyalties, betrayal and unfulfilled desires, and difficulty in expressing love. Beneath the tumultuous surface, strong ties are drawn.

In general, aerye's happier stories are short and porny.

notable works






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