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Moresome · Ship · Pairing
Relationship: Fraser/Vecchio/Kowalski
Alternative name(s): FVK, FKV, F/K/V
Gender category: slash, OT3, poly
Fandom: due South
Canonical?: non-canon
Prevalence: minor
Archives: DSA due Slash
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Why pick a Ray if you don't have to? Threesome fics in dS were initially few and far between (the main DS fic archive, DSA, which dates from 1994, doesn't even list it as a pairing option), but in recent years FKV (and other threesome pairings) has become more commonplace. It had a boost in popularity in 2006 and has remained reasonably high profile since. There were two FKV fics in the 2009 Polyamory Big Bang.

Canon justification for the pairing is slight, as demonstrated by the way most FKV livejournal icons draw on the same two or three scenes. The pairing is seen as one way to give all three major characters a happy ending.


Many FKV fanfics are about an established relationship, exploring the dynamics between the three. First time fics often start by establishing a strong connection between Kowalski and Vecchio, and then add Fraser to the mix. F/K+V, F/V+K or F+K+V fics are rarer. The reason for this is that canon has already developed strong ties between Fraser and each Ray, whereas the attraction between the Rays must be established by the writer. Then it's all good.

FKV fanfic is usually happy-ever-after, but there are exceptions that draw on the potential angst of the threesome.

There's a good discussion of the appeal and dynamics of FKV in the comments on this post.


Prominent writers of the pairing include aerye, belmanoir, brooklinegirl, brynnmck, catwalksalone[1], china_shop, cmshaw, etben, justbreathe80, and lordessrenegade.

There are two comprehensive lists of FKV fic: lexa_c's 2Rays FKV annex (Ray/Ray/Fraser) (sorted alphabetically by author) and Viciouscats' master lists of fanfiction (divided into first time, established relationship and uncategorised).

The livejournal community ds_raysquared is very welcoming of FKV fic, pics, recs and meta.


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