Polyamory Big Bang

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Name: Polyamory Big Bang, Polybigbang, Poly Big Bang
Date(s): June 2009 – present
Founder: Original Mods: little_bullets, mybestexcuse, strikesoftly
Mods for Round Three - Present: chosenfire28 and unavoidedcrisis
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: Multifandom and Original Fiction
Associated Community:
URL: Dreamwidth community, LiveJournal community, AO3 collection
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Polyamory Big Bang is a big bang-style fic and art/mix challenge for stories with a poly theme. The minimum word count is 10,000 words, making the challenge part of newer trend to shorter big bangs.

The rules are very open, allowing all kinds of fic, RPF, FPF, Original Fiction and any sort of kink, genre or sexuality that does not exclude romantic relationships. The challenge defines the kind of polyamory that may be written about as:

The definition of polyamory this challenge is operating under is "consensual non-monogamy that goes beyond sex" (to borrow wording from woldy). Jack and Jill can be together, and Jill and Jane can be together, but Jack and Jane don't have to be together. Jack and Jane can both have other partners as well, and none of these partners have to be romantically or sexually involved with each other. That's all still polyamory.

If Jack, Jill, Jane, and John are all in a happy quad together, though, that is obviously more than okay, and also polyamory.

Polyamory also doesn't have to include sex. The relationships can be purely romantic in nature, your characters may be asexual but not aromantic, etc.[1]

The community is mirrored on Dreamwidth and Livejournal with signups, claims and posts happening on both sites. Masterposts for stories are mostly mirrored on both sites. Stories are mostly posted at personal journals, websites and archives and linked from one or both of the communities. Stories are not tagged, and for the first two rounds there was no masterlist of completed works at the end of the challenge..

The challenge ran for the first year in 2009, and has run yearly ever since, drawing stories from a wide array of fandoms. In 2011, new mods took over for Round 3,[2] and began posting masterlists of stories completed.


Round 1: 2009

Round 2: 2010

Round 3: 2011

Sign-ups for Round 3 began 31 August 2011. Posting ran from 22 January - 20 March 2012. 40 works were posted in 30 fandoms. The masterlist for Round 3 can be found here.

Round 4: 2012

Sign-ups for Round 4 began 12 August 2012. Posting ran from 23 November - 12 December 2012. 29 works were posted in 24 fandoms. The masterlist for Round 4 can be found here.

Round 5: 2013

Sign-ups for Round 5 began 8 July 2013. Posting ran from 4-22 November 2013. 34 works were posted in 24 fandoms. The masterlist for Round 5 can be found here.

Round 6: 2014

Sign-ups for Round 6 began 20 August 2014.


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