Viciouscats' Master Lists of Fanfiction

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Name: Viciouscats’ master lists of fanfiction
Dates: last updated in 2009
Type: Masterlists and Thematic lists
Fandom: due South, Die Hard, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
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Viciouscats’ master lists of fanfiction is a site hosted on a Wordpress blog that contains masterlists of fanfiction for the Die Hard films and the film, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and thematic lists for due South. The lists are not rec lists, rather they are meant to be complete lists of all available stories.

The Die Hard list is divided by pairing, with most of the linked stories being John McClane/Matt Farrell, but there are also het, other slash pairings and gen fics listed.

The Kiss Kiss Bang Bang list follows a similar format, beginning with the Harry/Perry slash and then listing other pairings, threesome fic and gen separately.

There are 25 thematic due South lists including a list of authors who have written in the fandom. Like the other lists, these were last updated in early 2009.