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Name: exeterlinden
Alias(es): Linden
Type: Fan writer
Fandoms: C6D, due South, Firefly, Hard Core Logo, Shelter, Supernatural
URL: Exeterlinden on AO3
Story index on Linden's LJ
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exeterlinden has been a writer in the due South fandom since 2005 and has written C6D stories for Hard Core Logo and Wilby Wonderful.

Writing style

mergatrude in ds_profiles says about exeterlinden's due South writing:

"Linden writes character-driven stories that suck you in. They're sometimes sweet and funny, sometimes creepy, always thoughtful; you always feel like you know the characters and their thoughts and emotions better by the end." [1]

Notable Works

due South

  • Dinner Date (Fraser/Vecchio, G). Ray takes Fraser to dinner. Fraser thinks it's a date. Adorable.
  • Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Fraser/Kowalski, Mature). After the Quest, it takes them a little while to figure out what they want.



  1. mergatrude, due South Author Profile: exeterlinden posted on 23 April 2010 (Accessed 27 April 2010)