Shelter (2007 film)

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Name: Shelter
Creator: Jonah Markowitz
Date(s): 2007 (the film aired in 2008 theatrically and on here! tv)
Medium: Film
Country of Origin: USA
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Shelter is an independent film and the feature debut of writer/director Jonah Markowitz. It tells the story of Zach (Trevor Wright), a young artist in California who lives with his sister and her son, Cody. Zach is a small-town boy, dreaming of attending art school, but feeling trapped by the obligation he feels to Cody and escaping his daily life by surfing and making art. He reconnects with the older brother of his best friend from childhood, Shaun (Brad Rowe) and gradually discovers an attraction to Shaun that grows into a relationship complicated by all the things tying Zach to the town he grew up in.


The film is a natural source for slash fans. Not just because of the canon gay relationship at the heart of the film, but because the plot is full of slash fic clichés. It's kidfic and a first time, and the way Shaun helps Zach discover not just his sexuality, but a better future, is told over and over in traditional slash romance fic.

The fandom is small, with Yuletide and Livejournal's Small Fandoms Fest accounting for a some of the production of works. The most common pairing is the canonical Zach/Shaun, and several works are futurefic sequels or codas to the film.


The vid by cherryice, I'll Follow You Tonight (LJ Link) uses the distinctive cinematography of the film as well as the location settings and the art work to showcase the way Zach changes because of Shaun.

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