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Name: Dilanne Tomas
Type: Fan writer
Fandoms: CSI, due South, Peacemakers, The Sentinel, SG1
URL: Fan Fiction by Dilanne Tomas
Dilanne Tomas on due South Archive
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Dilanne Tomas began writing fanfiction in 1999 in due South and moved into The Sentinel and SG1 fandoms in 2001. As stated by the author, “Generally, I write (long and short) gen, drama, angst, smarm and/or slice-of-life vignettes (often with humor), G-R ratings.” [1]

Writing style

Aingeal describes her stories in due South Author Profiles:

"Essentially imagine the drama of a due South episode in gen fic form and you have the great gen fic Dilanne Tomas wrote. She captures those moments with character insights. The drama and plot serving to reveal more about the characters. She is particularly good at highlighting the depth of friendship between Fraser and Ray Vecchio. And her fic is of a style you can imagine in the dark drama of some episodes, capturing what lies underneath real character moments." [2]

Notable Works

due South

  • Heaven and Hell (Gen, R). This is a pretty dark fic. A serial killer is on the loose and Garrett (from the episode 'Heaven and Earth) holds the clues to stopping the guy. There are lots of great moments that define the Fraser & Vecchio friendship in the same way canon does as it deals with the aftermath of 'Juliet is Bleeding'.
  • Watcher In the Night (Gen, G). Bob Fraser's POV. About fathers and sons and what he has taught Benton. It's also heartbreaking that the revelations about fatherhood have technically come too late for him to make a difference.
  • Noise (Gen, G). This is Fraser struggling to cope with the urban environment on a few levels but it also shows what Ray Vecchio does to try and ease things for him. A really nice portrayal of their friendship.
  • Peaceable (Gen, PG). Fraser is in trouble and refuses to talk to Ray Vecchio. Even though Fraser's not willing him to tell him the truth or the full story, Ray is still his friend and does what friends do - helps him, even though he's not sure what the cause of the issue is. This is how hurt/comfort should be done in a gen fic.


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