Where the Lightning Strikes

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You may be looking for When Lightning Strikes, a Starsky and Hutch zine or Struck by Lightning, a Due South zine..

Title: Where the Lightning Strikes
Publisher: Stormwolf Press
Medium: print
Fandom: Multimedia (Multiple Fandoms)
Language: English
External Links: Stormwolf Press
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Where the Lightning Strikes is a slash 135-page multifandom anthology with six illustrations.

Reactions and Reviews

[Excuses]: this one is a charming little ficlet, humorous and light hearted, featuring my beloved (though unpopular) pair (Bodie/Cowley). It the last time I indulge in my favourite kink, I promise (unless I find another one, of course...wicked grin). How could I sum up something as short as this? Humm...I'd say that Bodie has troubles with a cat, a rather boisterous tomcat. And Murphy tries to help...to no avail. [1]
The stories for the most part tend to be quite short, the longest (and my favorite) being a Due South/Forever Knight crossover and its sequel. Both stories, Possessed and Facing the Truth, were good enough to make me want to watch both series (which I had not bothered with until then). I investigated Forever Knight only to find a sadly lacking vampire and a very disappointing La Croix - no patch on Rick Springfield and Michael Nader from the original film. Never mind, the story was still excellent. All the stories were readable and enjoyable. My second favorite was A Private little War, a Highlander story that comes in seven parts and demanded that the reader think a bit. As I've never seen Highlander either, I still found it easy to follow and to make educated guesses about what was going on.[2]


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