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Title: immajer-FK
Creator: Imajiru
Medium: true-type font
Fandom: Forever Knight
External Links: immajer-FK
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immajer-FK is a true-type font that was created by Imajiru in the style of the logo from the television show Forever Knight. The name of the font is derived from the screen name "immajer", which is another of her pseudonyms.

The font is for non-commercial use only. No profit may be made from the use or distribution of this font.

The font was originally downloadable directly from It is currently hosted on, and can be downloaded in either Windows ( or Macintosh (immaj-fk.sit or .sea) formats. A zip file of icons is also available.

A sample of the font can be seen here.

The Forever Knight font is frequently employed by Forever Knight fans to produce fanart and titles for their own websites.