The Kostmayer Kronicles

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Title: The Kostmayer Kronicles
Publisher: Fallty Press
Date(s): 1988-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Equalizer
Language: English
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The Kostmayer Kronicles is a gen Equalizer anthology devoted to the character of Mickey Kostmayer.

There were two issues.

In an ad in The McCallum Observer # 14, the publisher stated they would consider "adult stories, but no /". Stories on McCall are also welcomed in the plot line."

Issue 1

The Kostmayer Kronicles 1 was published in August 1988 and has 196 pages.

cover of issue #1
  • Second Chance, fiction by Jane Frazier
  • Brat Patro, fiction by D.T. Wilson
  • Keys To the Kingdom, fiction by Cathy L. Bryson
  • Bad Timing, fiction by Beth Didion
  • Foreign Policy, fiction by Rachelle S
  • Crossover the Falls, fiction by D.T. Wilson and Beth Didion
  • Gotcha!, fiction by Judy Wilson
  • Surprise Party, fiction by Beth Didion
  • On Ice Fishing, fiction by Beth Didion and D.T. Wilson

Issue 2

The Kostmayer Kronicles 2