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Name: Cormak's Jareth & Sarah Page
Date(s): Last update 11-12-03
Archivist: Cormak
Founder: Cormak
Type: Fanfic
Fandom: Labyrinth
URL: Wayback archived copy
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Cormak's Jareth & Sarah Page was a Labyrinth fansite for the pairing Jareth/Sarah, maintained by Cormak. It included a small fanfiction archive with around 30 stories, recs, fanart, screencap galleries and messageboards.

The site is documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.


Stories: J/S Fan Fiction Archive | Stories to Download | Cormak's Favorite Laby Fics

Fan Work: Cast Pages | Fan Art

Galleries: Jareth | Sarah | Jareth & Sarah

Interactive: Labyrinth Message Board | J/S Fan Fiction Mailing List | Labyrinth Chatroom

Misc: Links | Sign Guestbook | View Guestbook | Webrings & Awards



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