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Synonym(s)astronomical art, spacescape, planetscape
Related tropes/genresfanart, science fiction
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Space Art is a type of landscape that depicts astronomical objects and events. Space art can be science fiction art, but it is also created for planetariums, museums, NASA, and other non-SF purposes. The Conquest of Space (1949), illustrated by Chesley Bonestell, is an early and influential book of space art.

Some fanart is space art.

On Convention Program Covers

Space art has been known to appear on the covers of convention program books, especially for science fiction conventions.

In Media Fanzines

Although media fanzine art tends to focus on characters rather than scenery, some zines for science fiction canons contain space art. Here are some earlier examples:

Often a space scene would include a spaceship or other technological structure:

A cursory scan of zine art available on Fanlore would suggest that more recent fanzines were less influenced by science fiction art. However, this may be more true of slash than gen fanzines. Another factor is that the scope of Media Fandom has broadened considerably since the early 1970s from "sf media" to "genre media" to "whatever floats your boat." So the percentage of sf art in 1990s media zines could only be less than the percentage in 1970s zines.