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Title: Plak Tow
Editor(s): Bonnie Guyan
Date(s): 1978-1982
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Plak Tow is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology edited by Bonnie Guyan. Nan Lewis is the cover artist of many issues.

Fantasy is a sister zine.

Issue 1

Plak Tow 1 was published in October 1978 and contains 98 pages.

front cover of issue #1, Nan Lewis
back cover of issue #1, Nan Lewis
  • Blood Rage by Bonnie Guyan
  • The Last Night for This by Dayle Palko (8)
  • For This by Trinette Kern (After Jim Kirk is killed with Tyree and his people, Spock and McCoy seek to maintain a relationship without the cementing influence of their friend.) (9)
  • Lines You'd Like to Hear by Michelle Waterloo (21)
  • Puzzle for McCoy by Dayle Palko (22)
  • An End, A Beginning by Ronnie Molnar (23)
  • Tholian Interlude, Caesura by Ellen Kobrin (35)
  • The Moon of Trius X-2 by Toni Cardinal-Price (also in Fantasy #12) (36)
  • Patterns by Dayle Palko (69)
  • The Devil in Music by Carol Mularski (70)
  • Spock, Are You Still Speaking to Me? by Kathie Babal (80)
  • The Vulcan that Wasn't by Carol Mularski (82)
  • Phantasm by Ellen Kobrin (86)
  • Aspects of the Stars by Kathie Babal (88)
  • I am Alone by Bonnie Guyan (92)
  • The Vulcan's Monologue by Bonnie Guyan (93)
  • Plomeek Soup (club ads) (96)
  • Spock...? by Bonnie Guyan (98)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

[zine]: The opening poem by Bonnie Guyan, 'Blood Rage' makes the reader feel Spock's blood fever and emotions over fighting and supposedly killing Kirk. Another poem, 'I am Along,' tells about Spock's inner conflicts. Dayle Palko has three poems, including 'The Last Night' which expresses the love Kirk and Miramanee and their child, and 'Puzzle for McCoy' wherein McCoy hunts for the reason that is Spock. 'For This,' a story by Trinette Kern, tells of Kirk's death and Spock (finally) turning to McCoy to friendship. 'Lines You'd Like to Hear' by Waterloo is a very funny piece. 'And End, A Beginning' is a story by Ronnie Molnar in which Christine finally gets Spock and a reunion between Spock, McCoy, and Kirk, the latter making a decision the other two expect. Carol Mularski gives a super story in 'The Devil in Music' -- the big E crew turn artistic ambassadors and Spock makes an accidental error in a culture that speaks in musical tones, and a wonderment called 'The Vulcan that Wasn't' about the hypothetical Vulcan scheduled to replace Spock in the Star Trek movie. Kathie Babal gives us 'Aspects of the Stars' -- Shatner and Nimoy astrologically, interesting and informative. 'The Moon of Trius X-2' by Cardinal-Price is a story about aliens planning on using the Enterprise to infect the cosmos. The artwork by Bonnie herself and the other artists is super. And last but not least, are the informative ads. But the inside back cover says it all: 'Thank you Leonard, for giving us Spock. [1]

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Nan Lewis
back cover of issue #2, Nan Lewis

Plak Tow 2 was published in May 1979 and contains 94 pages.

  • I Am Here by Jimmye Galli, art by Virginia Lee Smith (8)
  • A Loss of Innocence by Carol Mularski, art by Virginia Lee Smith (9)
  • One Might Have Said So by Bonnie Guyan (19)
  • Universal Father by Kathie Babal, art by Michelle Waterloo (20)
  • Star Struck by Cheree Cargill, art by Cargill and Virginia Lee Smith (21)
  • Interrupted Journey by Ellen Kobrin, art by Eddie Willett and Virginia Lee Smith (33)
  • The Winged Rider by Cheree Cargill (35)
  • Ponderlings by Margaret Krause, art by Eddie Willett (36)
  • The Kinship by Bonnie Guyan, art by Michelle Waterlood (The first story in a series. After the death of his parents, Spock learns that he has a half-sister. He is unsuccessful in trying to locate her and then is shocked to find that a new member of the medical staff, Pamela-Jean Grayson, is his missing sister. The situation is further complicated when Leonard McCoy falls in love uith Pamela-Jean.) (39) (part of The Kinship)
  • The After by Virginia Lee Smith (68)
  • Search the Stars by Kathie Babal (Horoscope analysis of DeForest Kelley.) (69)
  • Reflections by Jimmye Galli (76)
  • Uhura by Bonnie Guyan (77)
  • Is This Any Way to Run a Shoreleave? by Rayelle Roe, art by Virginia Lee Smith (78)
  • Old Doc Spock by Bonnie Guyan, art by Virginia Lee Smith (91)
  • Plomeek Soup (zine ads) (93)
  • If I Should Lose Him by Jimmye Galli (94)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[zine]: Bonnie Guyan has done it once again! From the Nan Lewis front cover to Virginia Lee Smith's back cover, this issue proves the 'blood fever' still burns brightly in all of us. The poems by Galli were all very good. 'A Loss of Innocence' by Mularski, illoed by Smith, gives us a child who unknowingly creates a weapon. Babal's 'Universal Father' has Bones trying to explain himself to Joanna, wherever she is. 'Star Struck' is funny, and Cargill's and Smith's drawings make it even funnier. Guyan's 'The Kinship' gives us the possibility of a child BEFORE Spock. Also, her 'Saga of ol' Doc Spock' is a good commercial for Black Label beer. 'Plomeek Soup' brings us up to date on clubs and fanzines. And there is much more. [2]

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3, Nan Lewis
back cover of issue #3, Nan Lewis

Plak Tow 3 was published in November 1979 and contains 118 pages.

  • Song of a Vulcan Lyre by Dayle Barker Palko, art by Virginia Lee Smith (8)
  • Things of a Child by Carol Mularski, art by Evallou Richardson (9)
  • Friend by Jimmye Galli, art by Virginia Lee Smith (29)
  • Leonard McCoy CMO by Jimmye Galli (30)
  • Tradition by Jimmye Galli, art by Virginia Lee Smith (32)
  • Duplication of the Heart, chapter 1 "I Seek to Know" by Bonnie Guyan, art by Teri Thorowgood, (33)
  • Invitation by Dayle Barker Palko, art by Virginia Lee Smith (54)
  • Broken Promis by Della Van Hise, art by Virginia Lee Smith (55)
  • Finale by Dayle Barker Palko (57)
  • Recalled to Live by Dr. Vida Hull, art by Hull, (58)
  • In Other Words by Bonnie Guyan (87)
  • Tunnel Vision by Ellen Korbrin (88)
  • A Devil in the Dark by Liz Persic, art by Virginia Lee Smith (89)
  • The Kinship, chapter 2 "A Second Chance" by Bonnie Guyan, art by Virginia Lee Smith (The continuing story of McCoy's involvement with Pamela- Jean Grayson, Spock's half-sister. When Spock is seriously injured during a landing party mission, his interment on a Starbase Facility brings Leonard McCoy and Pamela-Jean Grayson back together in a stormy conflict. Spock's death though, erases all past disagreements, bringing the couple back together once again.) (89)
  • Where Does the Night Begin by Della Van Hise (111)
  • Amok Time, the Physician's Choice by Liz Persic (112)
  • A Logical Hunch by Liz Persic, art by Virginia Lee Smith (113)
  • Ahn-woon by readers viewpoint (115)
  • IDIC by Mindy Glazer
  • Plomeek Soup (zine ads) (117)
  • Amok Time by Jimmye Galli, art by Virginia Lee Smith (118)

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4, Nan Lewis
back cover of issue #4, Nan Lewis

Plak Tow 4 was published in May 1980 (the table of contents is dated November 1979) and contains 82 pages.

From the editorial:

Well, as with the best laid plans, something inevitably goes wrong and details undergo last minute changes... Plak Tow 4 being a classic example this time. But, what was going to be great before, is now turning not to be what you had received [as per] a flyer on this issue.. You'll no doubt be able to see where the proposed contents and the actual product differ. No, never fear... SHANEILA will be presented for your reading pleasure next issue. By the way, send me an SASE, and I'll send you the flyer for PLAK TOW 5. It's going to be a SPECIAL EDITION in every sense of the word!

So, now that I've thoroughly confused most of you, let's explain a bit about what you will be seeing in this issue.

Rayelle Roe is back with SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, and as before, she has presented our Enterprise Heroes as they've seldom been seen before. Be prepared for some McCoy/Spock bantering that will roll you in [unclear word] seats. Rayelle weaves a fantastic little tale, and the artist that has brought the words to life is equally talented. Evallou Richardson lends her creative ability to us once again, and the combination of these two artists, wizards, gives one dynamic presentation.

And so, thus leaving all my Part I and Part II soap operas to stew on the back burner for a while (... is Spock really croak-city, or can he possibly return to Vulcan and live a normal life through modern psychology...? Tune in next week...), I've included in this issue, a story I've written, that is a favorite. It was published in the last issue of NEXUS, and through the [unclear word] of rights, I'm presenting it to the readers of Plak Tow, with an absolute visual explosion by Virginia Lee Smith. Virginia's time is a bit more limited these days, but she graciously managed to illustrate RAPE OF A ROCK with a flare [sic] that is all her own. Love you, Virginia.... Plak Tow wouldn't be the same without you!

Joyce Tullock rounds out our story-tellers for this issue with SIDE EFFECTS. McCoy/Spock fans, hang onto your hats, cause here we go again. On the opposite side of the emotional coin, Joyce shows us a tenderness an concern that many only leave to the imagination. This is a story that will make a warm shape in your minds eye, and each person must see this mingling in his/her own way. Welcome to Plak Tow, Joyce. Your ability to come into the heart is absolutely gorgeous!

Our poetry corner this time contains four writers whose work we look forward to in every issue. Elen Kobrin, Jimmye Galli, Liz Persic, and Kathie Babal have created a rainbow of thoughts and emotions that blend to present the work even the "I-don't-like-poetry" person can't turn away. Vel Jaeger has added her outstanding job of artist wizardry, in combining texture with words. Vel has a fresh new style, and I'm sure you'll want to frame some of her full page illustrations you'll be seeing in this issue.

By the way, speaking of poetry and artwork... I've been at it again, and the results are scattered here and there. My poetry I present freely, but... my talent in drawing is at best... strange!

Talent... ah, yes... Doug Schiffbauer. Love that cover! Doug is an absolute find in the world of artistry, and I'm proud to have him working with me in Plak Tow. His efforts will come into full bloom next issue...
  • Where Have I Heard That Before by Bonnie Guyan (6)
  • Lament by Jimmye Galli, art by Vel Jaeger (8)
  • Consolation by Jimmye Galli, art by Vel Jaeger (10)
  • Rape of a Rock by Bonnie Guyan, art by Virginia Lee Smith. (Spock's mind has been wiped clean by the mind sifter. We learn of the events that led up to the tragedy, and we are with McCoy as he bids a gentle farewell to his friend. Months later, Kirk and McCoy return to Vulcan where they accompany a partially recovered Spock on a trip to the mountains. Their adventure endangers McCoy's life, but helps restore Spock's memory and leads to his return to the Enterprise.) (also in Fantasy #7) (p. 11-45)
  • This Side of the Mirror by Ellen Kobrin, art by Vel Jaeger (46)
  • Dreams and Nightmares by Jimmye Galli, art by Vel Jaeger (47)
  • Beamdown by Liz Persic, art by Vel Jaeger (48)
  • Side Effects by Joyce Tullock, p 49-57, art by Vel Jaeger (In quarantine after an encounter with a well-armed plant, McCoy wanders in and out of stupefied sleep and some heart-to-hearts while Spock tends him.)
  • Toupees, Caps and Velvet by Bonnie Guyan (57)
  • Strangers by Liz Persic, art by Vel Jaeger (58)
  • Just One of Those Days by Liz Persic, art by Vel Jaeger (60)
  • Blessed are the Believers by Liz Persic, art by Bonnie Guyan (62)
  • Survival of the Fittest by Rayelle Roe, p 64-78, art by Evallou Richardson
  • From Christine, the Unfound Lover by Kathie Babal, art by Vel Jaeger (79)
  • Requiem to a Love by Bonnie Guyan (81)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

See reactions and reviews for Rape of a Rock.
See reactions and reviews for Survival of the Fittest.
See reactions and reviews for Side Effects.
[zine]: Lots of typos in this zine... but, of course, it was a major job to correct those things before word-processing.
  • Rape of a Rock / Starfleet barters Spock to the Klingons in exchange for a hostage diplomat. He is returned, comatose, with his mind sifted into a blank. McCoy unwittingly manages to transfer a few memories to him before leaving him in the care of a sanatorium. Some time later, Kirk and McCoy visit a somewhat recovered but still amnesiac Spock on Vulcan and they all take off on a camping excursion in hopes of assisting Spock's memory. Instead, Spock ends up wandering off in a huff, after which McCoy is nearly eaten by a plant. Spock makes a few more gains in recovery while tending McCoy, and eventually decides to return to Starfleet and Enterprise.
  • Side Effects / In quarantine after an encounter with a well-armed plant, McCoy wanders in and out of stupefied sleep and some heart-to-hearts while Spock tends him. Joyce's usual nice characterization.
  • Survival of the Fittest / Romp. Harry Mudd steals a shuttle, leaving Kirk, Spock, and McCoy stranded on a planet with a bit of survival gear and a note that a freighter should be in the vicinity in six months or so. Our heroes set about putting their camping and survival skills to use. Spock & McCoy feud while Kirk throws his captainly weight around. Then the Klingons arrive. Demerits for a planet that has evolved the same species as Earth, but bonus points for Kirk's snuggle-bunny tendencies, the funeral flowers, and the mud-fight. [3]

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5, Nan Lewis
back cover of issue #5, Nan Lewis

Plak Tow 5 was published in October 1980 and contains 82 pages.

  • Dedication illustrated by Christine Myers (2)
  • Credits (3)
  • Kah-if-farr -- editorial (4)
  • Endless Time by Bonnie Guyan (7)
  • Forward to Shanelia by Carol Mularski, art by Bonnie Guyan (8)
  • Shanelia by Carol Mularski, art by Christine Myers (9)
  • Duty by Cathi Brown, art by Christine Myers (14)
  • This He Will Know by Bonnie Guyan (18)
  • Father by Bonnie Guyan, art by Christine Myers (51)
  • Welcome Companion by Bonnie Guyan, art by Virginia Lee Smith (57)
  • Chance Met by Cathi Brown (76)
  • Letter from Spock by Della Van Hise (78)
  • Letter to Plak Tow Readers by Bonnie Guyan (80)
  • Plak Tow LTD (82)

Issue 6

front cover of issue #6, Nan Lewis
back cover of issue #6, Nan Lewis

Plak Tow 6 was published in December 1980 and contains 83 pages. It is also referred to as "Plak Tow Ltd."

"The Kinship series continues in novel form. Contains Chapters 1 through 4 of the series."

  • chapters: The Siblings, A Second Chance, And I Shall Return, and Carousel (6-61)
  • So THAT's Bonnie (80)
  • special stationary offer (81)
  • Christine's Monologue Dedication (83)

Issue 7

front cover of issue #7, Christine Myers -- A variation of this art was also used for the front cover of First Time #4.
back cover of issue #7, Bonnie Guyan

Plak Tow 7 was published in February 1982 and contains 81 pages.

"This is the raved about and somewhat controvresial story Plak Tow readers have been talking about!" [4]

"The complete novel as it originally appeared in Plak Tow and Fantasy. Savor all seven chapters as Spock finds a sister, and McCoy a love. Span a multitude of years, encounter life, death, and the 'beyond' as never imagined before as The Kinship brings into full view aspects of Spock's life and family, never before imagined in fandom! [5]

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

See reactions and reviews for Daddy's Home.


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