Rape of a Rock

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Rape of a Rock
Author(s): Bonnie Guyan
Date(s): 1980
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Rape of a Rock is a Star Trek: TOS story by Bonnie Guyan. It was illoed by Virginia Lee Smith.

It was published in the print zines Plak Tow #4 and Fantasy #7.


Spock's mind has been wiped clean by the mind sifter. We learn of the events that led up to the tragedy, and we are with McCoy as he bids a gentle farewell to his friend. Months later, Kirk and McCoy return to Vulcan where they accompany a partially recovered Spock on a trip to the mountains. Their adventure endangers McCoy's life, but helps restore Spock's memory and leads to his return to the Enterprise.

Reactions and Reviews

Starfleet sacrifices Spock to the Klingon mind-sifter in trade for an ambassador. McCoy's farewell soliloquy to the shell that is left of Spock when they get him back triggers just enough memory recovery for Vulcan healers to do wonders, and Kirk and McCoy are pleasantly surprised months later to find a healthy (but memory-blank) Spock on Vulcan. The three go camping together. Spock is irritated by the others' demands on a friendship he cannot feel until he must nurse McCoy through the effects of an attack by a carnivorous plant, and that forced contact gives him considerable, though incomplete, memory recovery. Plot is generally good (marred a bit by an overly convenient ending entailing revenge on the Klingons and the handy death of Spock's replacement) and the characterization excellent. It could have used more editorial attention - oddly used vocabulary, lots of misspellings, etc. throw the reader out of the tale. [1]
Starfleet barters Spock to the Klingons in exchange for a hostage diplomat. He is returned, comatose, with his mind sifted into a blank. McCoy unwittingly manages to transfer a few memories to him before leaving him in the care of a sanatorium. Some time later, Kirk and McCoy visit a somewhat recovered but still amnesiac Spock on Vulcan and they all take off on a camping excursion in hopes of assisting Spock's memory. Instead, Spock ends up wandering off in a huff, after which McCoy is nearly eaten by a plant. Spock makes a few more gains in recovery while tending McCoy, and eventually decides to return to Starfleet and Enterprise. [2]


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