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Name: 1967 Chevy Impala aka Metallicar (in fandom)
Occupation: car
Fandom: Supernatural
In some fans minds, the Impala will be the only home Sam and Dean will ever know. Title: On the Road Again. Artist: beata101. [1]
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Metallicar is the nickname fans have given the Winchesters' 1967 Chevy Impala. According to the Super-wiki the name originated on Television Without Pity fanboard in 2005.[2]

In canon, Dean cares about the Impala a lot.

In fanworks, the car is often treated like a character. Sometimes the car is anthropomorphized, usually as a woman.[3]

She is sometimes paired with Dean (see the Dean/Impala pairing page), though in some fic she rejects Dean.[4] She is occasionally paired with both Sam and Dean.[5]

There is also bodyswap fic with the Impala (even before the episode with the Sampala -- Season Five's Changing Channels in which the Impala briefly turns into a Knight Rider-type car with Sam being its consciousness).

Sometimes the Impala is paired with other cars, such as Metallicar/Truckzilla (John Winchester's truck) or cars in car shows, which may lead to crack car pregnancy fic.[6][7][4]

The Role It Plays In The Season 5 Finale 'Swan Song'

In the final episode of Season 5 ("Swan Song") the Impala plays a pivotal role in pulling Sam free from Lucifer's possession. According to the Supernatural Wiki: "While Sam is possessed by Lucifer, and confronting Michael, Dean arrives at Stull Cemetery in the Impala. He confronts Lucifer, who starts beating him. However it's the Impala, the boys' home and place of so many memories (particularly of his relationship with Dean) that finally helps Sam fight back and take control from Lucifer."[8]

After the episode aired camui-zuuki put together a series of screencaps summarizing the episode and the role that the Impala played. The full series of screencaps can be viewed here; however a small selection appears below, along with quotes from her essay. Click on the images to see more detail.[9]


  • Brick House is an Impala-centric vid by deirde_c. (link) (See also the vid commentary by yourlibrarian here) [10]
  • Hey Pretty by astartexx. A vid told from the Impala's POV: ‘Hey pretty, don't you wanna take a ride with me? Through my world.’ The Impala is more pissed at Sam’s bitchy attitude, dad’s grumpiness and generally less forgiving than Dean.

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