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You may be looking for the Merlin fic Cutting Room.

Title: From the Cutting Room Floor
Publisher: Esperanza Press
Editor(s): Tabby Davis ("Clio")
Date(s): 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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From the Cutting Room Floor is a gen Starsky and Hutch fanzine. It contains 139 pages. The stories are all by Tabby Davis.

Each chapter is a missing scene from an episode. The author's description: "SCENES and SCENARIOS for which episodes didn't find space." [1]

At least one story, "The Legend of the Red Shirt," as printed in zines is slightly different than what was posted online. This may also be the case of other stories in this zine.

The stories were posted online under the name "Clio."
The author we're calling "Clio" was extremely active in S&H fandom from its earliest days. She produced numerous anthology zines, many of them extremely artistic. From the Cutting Room Floor was unique in that it involved only her own writing. We are thrilled to get her gracious permission to present it to you here in its entirety. [2]

Zine's Introduction


Fanberg? It's an apt metaphor. Icebergs are only partially visible and that can be true of fandom too. Sometimes we know only our own smallish corners of it. Lately, though, thanks to such events as that touring S&H exhibition bus, not to mention all those re-runs, more fans have been discovering each other's existence - with some heartening results.

One result is the prospect of new fandom projects. This zine is just one of them.

Some fans will already have read some of its contents. That was my first response when the idea of it was suggested to me. But, then, I was reminded of all the people to whom it would be new and who might be interested. So we went ahead ... from the cutting room floor gathered up some of these fragments of 'missing' scenarios and alternative tags, scattered in a number of zines from around twenty years, reassembled them - and here a lot of them are.

Two other circumstances prompted the project: i) the enthusiasm, efficiency, speed, neatness, originality of Vivien G. who has done most of the work. Vivien -- THANK YOU ... FTCRF really owes its appearance to your initiative and commitment...and ii) the fact that all/any proceeds from this zine will be donated to PAF research -- that cause which is so close to our SH fandom.

Whether you're renewing acquaintance or meeting contents for the first time, we hope you'll enjoy the experience. And as this year goes by, may still more of the fanberg find its way to the surface.

Clio. [3]



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