In Your Eyes (Starsky and Hutch zine)

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Title: In Your Eyes
Publisher: Idiot Triplets Press
Editor(s): Linda McGee
Date(s): 2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
External Links: Publisher's Website: 2008 -- S/H Zines from Idiot Triplets Press, Archived version
SHareCon 2010: Idiot Triplets Press, Archived version
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In Your Eyes is a slash Starsky and Hutch 224-page anthology. It has a cover by Suzan Lovett and one piece of color interior art by Helen. This zine won a FanQ Award (Best S/H Zine): MediaWest 2004.

cover by Suzan Lovett
inside art by Helen

From the Editorial

Welcome to the tenth Starsky/Hutch zine brought to you by the Idiot Triplets Press! It's amazing to me that a project which began as "just one zine" has extended to encompass over a decade of my Life. Many thanks to all who have been so supportive of us over the years.

Special thanks go, as always, to Pat and Kath, the two friends who've gone along on this zine-producing ride with me for all this time. Suzan Lovett has gifted us with another beautiful, unique cover and Helen has provided interior art which perfectly matches the mood of the story it accompanies. Morgan LeFey is back, with sequels to her popular story, "Moment Out of Time," which appeared in When Lightning Strikes, Jadis contributed her talents to the second of these stories. Mary Louise Fisher adds another amusing episode to her equally popular "Golden Boy" series, and Lutra Cana brings us two more of her eloquent "Weather "Report" stories. Elizabeth Lowry is represented with a spicy new tale written in her singular style. Theresa Kyle has brought her usual high standards to a novella-length story which I'm proud to publish, Cyanne and Kimberly Lynn Workman are wonderful newcomers to ITP publications; we're thrilled to have both of them with us! Jean Chabot returns to the world of Starsky/Hutch after a decade with three new poems, (I have Jean's permission to tell you that the poem, "This I Know," takes place when both Starsky and Hutch are 100 years old.) An editor couldn't ask for better contributors! Heartfelt thanks to all of you! An extra-large serving of appreciation goes to "my Sam," whose encouragement, technical support and friendship have been essential in the production of this zine. I'd like to encourage you to send feedback to those whose efforts have made this zine possible. They've invested many, many hours of their lives in their stories and art.

You can write to any contributors whose addys are unlisted care of me. I promise I'll forward your comments.


Summaries below are from Flamingo [1]

  • Only Time Will Tell by Morgan LeFey. Sequel to "Moment Out Of Time" in When Lightning Strikes. ("This story is the sequel to "Moment Out of Time" that was in Linda's previous zine. This story takes place before S&H have entered the academy. They've just met in the previous story and have spent a passionate weekend together and are now trying to get over the electrified intimacy they've shared, unaware that they are about to be thrown together in the Police Academy. This story is the 2nd part of a trilogy of stories. The third story is in this same zine and is title "When Time Stands Still."") (33 pages)
  • A House Full of Memories by KimberlyFDR ("Starsky reminisces about his long term relationship with his life partner, Hutch, in the house they've shared for years now.") (7 pages)
  • Blond Like the Sun by Jean Chabot (poem)
  • Meteor Showers by Lutra Cana ("Starsky thinks back on events of his life with Hutch both on the job and in their shared life.") (6 pages)
  • This I Know by Jean Chabot (poem)
  • As Soon as Forever is Through by Mary Louise Fisher (part of The Golden Boy Series) ("This story is part of the ongoing "Golden Boy" series of humor stories. S&H have been lovers for many years. Hutch has decided it's time for them to plan what will happen after their deaths and Starsky wants no part of Hutch's plans. He'd rather spend his time concocting new ways to steal Hutch's stash of homemade cookies.") (15 pages)
  • Solar Eclipse by Lutra Cana ("Hutch thinks back on the past ten years of his life with Starsky.") (5 pages)
  • Life is a Highway by Cyanne ("S&H, long time lovers, separate for the weekend as Starsky takes the old Torino to a classic car show while Hutch has to stay behind because of police work. When the Torino is reported as a victim of a terrible car accident, Hutch has to race to the scene before he can find out what's happened to Starsky.") (23 pages)
  • Hey, Starsk! by Jean Chabot (poem)
  • Through the Eyes of Science by Elizabeth Lowry ("Starsky is trying to figure out some complex insurance forms. Hutch is more interested in finding out how to press all Starsky's erotic buttons.") (6 pages)
  • When Time Stands Still by Morgan LeFey and Jadis ("Sequel to the first story in the zine, Only Time Will Tell, and the conclusion of the 3 story sequence, as Starsky & Hutch try to get past their passionate encounter and deal with their new life as police academy students.") (46 pages)
  • The Sweetest Revenge by Linda McGee ("Hutch is still having nightmares from Starsky's near death experience after the Gunther shooting, but Starsky's loving eases his fears.") (7 pages)
  • In the Shelter of Your Arms by Theresa Kyle ("This complex, long story involves the guys in the hunting of a killer of gay men. Hutch has, some time in the past, discovered that he is bisexual and has been actively perusing relations with gay men. He is attacked by the serial killer hunting gay men, but manages to escape. Desperately wanting to protect his partner, Starsky has a unique idea on how to keep Hutch out of harms way as they hunt down leads to bring the killer to justice.") (93 pages)

Reactions and Reviews

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Reactions and Reviews

  1. ^ March 13, 2004, comments by Flamingo at VenicePlace, quoted on Fanlore with Flamingo's permission