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You may be looking for the Soul Bond storytrope, see also Bond for further disambiguation.

Title: The Bond
Publisher: Cabrillo State Press
Editor(s): 2003-
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
External Links: Flyer for issue #1
Flyer for issue #2
Flyer for issue #3
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The Bond is a gen Starsky and Hutch fanzine.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

The Bond 1 was published in 2003 and has 276 pages. The art is by Donna Langlois and Colleen Shea.

Summary: Missing scenes, h/c, action and adventure stories—all lifting up the bond between Starsky and Hutch".

This zine won 1st Place 2003 Torino Award Winner for Best Gen Fanzine.

Torino Award

  • The Bond by Brit (1)
  • portrait of Starsky by Donna Langlois (3)
  • Faith and Hope by Linda B. (5)
  • The Back Room by TibbieB (13)
  • Too Quiet by Linda B. (16)
  • portrait by Colleen Shea (17)
  • The Storm by Brit (19)
  • I'm Still Here by Brit (43)
  • Some Kind of Justice by Linda B. (44)
  • Massive Damage by Brit (96)
  • portrait of Paul Michael Glaser by Donna Langlois (97)
  • Too Close to Home by TibbieB (99)
  • The Endless Knight by Brit (169)
  • portrait by Colleen Shea (205)
  • portrait of David Soul by Donna Langlois (229)
  • Wounded by Brit (231)
  • “Regret” by Brit (232)
  • “Picking Up the Pieces” by TibbieB (233)
  • "Not To Yield" by Linda B. (265)
  • “Now and Forever” by Brit (270)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

The Bond 2 has the subtitle "Unbroken." It was published in June 2004 and has 276 pages. It was edited by Barb D.

This zine won 1st Place 2004 Torino Award for best Gen Fanzine.

  • 1961 by Brit (7)
  • More Questions Than Answers by Linda B. (10)
  • Burden of Guilt by TibbieB (55)
  • Making a Difference by The Blintz (109)
  • Out of the Mists by The Blintz and Brit (123)
  • Unbroken by Brit (275)
  • Waiting by Linda B.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[Out of the Mists]: For your midweek read, I present this lovely gem of a gen story. I must have Shootout on the brain, because like Monday's rec, this is post-Shootout, too. But with a twist. It's a long story... 16 chapters, but it's so good, you won't want to stop reading. To make a long story short, Hutch is undercover, infiltrating Vic Monte's gang, but Starksy's not at his side. And as we all know, "Me" with no "Thee" at his side is a recipe for disaster. And sure enough, things go as wrong as they can... You'll laugh, you'll cry. The banter between S&H is great, and there's lot of action. Read it. All sixteen chapters. It's pure gen... not a pre-slashy moment in sight. (Okay, maybe one, but I was wearing my slash glasses at the time, so...) [1]

Issue 3

The Bond 3 has the subtitle: "Protect and Serve." It was published in 2005 and has 244 pages and was edited by Barb D.

It has several photo collages by Elsa R., and a full-color cover featuring the artwork of Suzan Lovett.

This zine won 3rd Place 2005 Torino Award for best Gen Fanzine.

cover of issue #3 by Suzan Lovett. Title: City Heat
  • Missing You by Linda B. (1)
  • Collage by Elsa R. (5)
  • Coming to Terms by TibbieB (6)
  • Close Doesn’t Count by Linda B. (50)
  • Collage by Elsa R. (55)
  • Dahn Tu by The Blintz (56)
  • Tomato Red by Linda B. (70)
  • Collage by Elsa R. (74)
  • Waiting by Linda B. (75)
  • 1965 by Brit (78)
  • Common Ground by Linda B. (85)
  • Collage by Elsa R. (130)
  • Any Way You Say It by Linda B. (131)
  • A Fair Trade by TibbieB (134)
  • Collage by Elsa R. (145)
  • Officer Down by Linda B. (146)
  • The Unread Letter by The Blintz (161)
  • Collage by Elsa R. (165)
  • Should Have Known by Linda B. (166)
  • The Price of a Life by Brit (169)
  • Collage by Elsa R. (238)

Issue 4

The Bond 4 has the subtitle "Legacy." It was published in 2010 and contains 306 pages of fiction and poetry. It features artwork by Lorraine Brevig and Nicol Tyler.

The Cover "Legacy" is by Nicol Tyler. The quote along the bottom of the cover says "The Legacy of These Heroes is The Memory of Good Deeds and Everlasting Friendship"

cover of issue #4 By Nicol Tyler

Summaries from the flyer: [1]

  • A Cry for Help by Linda B.—A missing scene from “The Crying Child.” Seeing the bruises and welts on Guy’s back brings back childhood memories Starsky had buried long ago.
  • Vigilance by TibbieB—As Hutch stays at Starsky’s home to recuperate from a long and difficult surgery, he and their canine companion, Sam, keep tabs on Starsky’s beautiful but mysterious neighbor. Little do they know that her past holds a deadly secret that could mean the end of them all.
  • Anniversary Date by Linda B.—As the anniversary of Starsky’s shooting by Gunther approaches, he finds facing that day more and more difficult to contend with.
  • Healing by Madison—Hutch is there for Starsky in a post-“Starsky’s Lady” story.
  • Blasphemers by Brit—A missing scene from “Starsky and Hutch on Voodoo Island.” How did Starsky and Hutch end up washed ashore after their deadly encounter with Papa Theodore?
  • Unfinished Canvas by Linda B.—Juggling police duties and a marriage proves more difficult than Hutch had anticipated.
  • Death by Waiting by The Blintz— A missing scene from “The Plague.” When one of the partners is struck down with a mysterious illness, the other finds that all he can do is wait.
  • Come Back Home by Madison—A missing scene from “Sweet Revenge.” Hutch waits by Starsky’s bedside.
  • Killing Time by Linda B.—A missing scene from “The Trap.” Starsky and Hutch head to the hospital for treatment of Starsky's gunshot wound.
  • Desert Rose by Brit—When the life of an Arab sheik’s sole heir is threatened, the partners go deep undercover in what may be their deadliest assignment yet.
  • Lesson Learned by Linda B.—As cadets in the Police Academy, Starsky and Hutch learn not only the difficult job of being police officers, but the importance of being there for each other.
  • In the Face of Time by Madison—A partner gives thanks.
  • Grounded by Linda B.—A missing scene from “The Plague.” Starsky and Hutch are always each other’s support, but with Hutch in the hospital suffering from the plague, who else can Starsky turn to for strength?
  • Lucky by Madison—Hutch reflects.
  • Where Would You Be Without Me? by Linda B.—A missing scene from “Quadromania.” After finding Starsky injured in the alley, an impatient Hutch drives him to the hospital in the Metro cab.
  • Fallen by Brit—A novella. A lone figure on a bridge, driven to madness and ready to end his own life. A killer is out for vengeance—can Starsky and Hutch figure out who wants them dead before it’s too late?

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

[Fallen]: Because it’s long and beautifully written. It’s the definition of angst and I really enjoyed every line of this story when I was reading it for the first time. The second time it was even better. What is it about? It’s a case story where Hutch gets lost in more than one way and Starsky is trying to find him. There is a lot of hurt and even more comfort but their love shines through the darkness that is threatening their world. [2]


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