Nicol Tyler

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Name: Nicol Tyler
Type: fan artist, fan writer
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch. Greatest American Hero.
URL: Deviant Art; Starsky & Hutch FanFiction; AO3
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Nicol Tyler is a fanwriter, Vidder and fanartist. She was the winner of a 2008 Torino Award for "New Writer."

interior art for The Duplicity of Light novel by Ashkevran-Angel


Online Fiction

Starsky & Hutch Fiction: 30+ stories written, a sample of some:

Starsky & Hutch Poems

Starsky & Hutch Vids

Starsky and Hutch Artwork Samples:

Starsky and Hutch Fiction Co-written with Terri Beckett

Alternate Universe

Though Lovers Be lost Universe

All the stories listed below fit with in this universe. While the stories are connected and events will often be mentioned in other stories, they can each be read separately unless otherwise stated. For example "A place to stand" should be read before Echoes. And Time-Threads should be read in order.

1: A Place to Stand

2: Echoes

  • Time Threads: (4 part QL crossover with Starsky and Hutch)

1: There be Dragons (April 7th 1970 Vietnam)

2: When Dragons Hunt

3: To Hunt a Dragon

4: To Kill a Dragon