James Marshall Gunther

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Name: James Marshall Gunther
Occupation: mob boss
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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James Gunther is a character in Starsky & Hutch. Gunther, upset about the bite Starsky and Hutch have taken out of his crime profits, orders the hit on Starsky in an effort to destroy both men.

Some Brief Canon Facts About Gunther

  • Gunther appears in the two-parter "Targets Without a Badge" and the final episode of the series, "Sweet Revenge."
  • Hutch says Gunther turned down a chance at the presidency because it would have been a step down in power.
  • Gunther's father repaired sewing machines for a living.

The Fanon Gunther

Gunther is almost always portrayed as rotting away in jail, though some fanfiction portrays him as continuing his evil empire from behind bars. Many fans focus on the trial, and subsequent drama, that would have occurred after the last episode of the series.

A few fanfics give Gunther a son who decides to take revenge on Starsky and Hutch for his father's imprisonment.

Some AUs explore what would have happened if Hutch had killed the man instead of arresting him.

Gunther is never portrayed as a sympathetic character.

Some Gunther Fiction

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