Notes from the underground: BASCon (2005)

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Title: Notes from the underground: BASCon
Creator: Molo
Date(s): 11/06/2005
Medium: blog
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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The Starsky & Hutch Appreciation Society (virtual fan club) is a fictional fan club created by Molo as an example of meta role-playing. The 'Meeting Minutes 122006 are minutes from one of a series of club meetings that showcase both the silliness of fanclubs as well that fact that even with only one member in attendance, fans still find a way to debate and amuse themselves. The series also includes "Secret Agent Transmissions" describing various fan convention in the 2000s.

The Series

Meeting minutes (to be read in order):

Secret Agent Priority Transmission reports

Notes from the underground: BASCon (2005)

Notes from the underground: BASCon 2005, transmitted to the Starsky & Hutch Appreciation Society (virtual fan club)



FROM: Special Agent Molo

Agent Molo reporting from high in her San Francisco redoubt. Your operative reports a successful completion of the BASCon Op that occurred this weekend in So. San Francisco.

First of all, the site. How many damned indoor fountains, pools with carp and giant foliage nestled next to glass-walled elevators does one hotel need? the answer, apparently, is lots and lots.

This agent checked into the Hospitality Suite on Thursday night carrying liners for the vid show DVD. Much folding and inserting ensued, which sounds like much fun, only no turgid male members were involved. 100 DVDs were prepped with the help of codenames:LadyJ, Keeker, Teresa and others.

This operative took advantage of her early arrival to get a sneak-peek at the collection of S/H documentary material being off-loaded into the dealer room.

Friday your agent arrived in time to grab up some choice bound materials (thanks, Jenn), which was fortunate, because by Friday afternoon the box was decimated. Apparently there are more S/H fans in the Bay Area than your operative was hitherto aware of. This agent plans to hunt them down for a local get-together.

Friday at 4:30 was the S&H panel, attended by many veteran fans of the boys, including codename: Britt(a? nametag obscured. and what is the point of having a secret identity if you end up wearing it on a badge on your chest?), Caren, Morgan Dawn, Muriel, et alia. Your operative dutifully debriefed all attending on the new S/H books that came out at ZCon.

Friday evening saw Morgan Dawn, Gayle F and others camped out in MD's room, where they tried (unsuccessfully) to pimp your operative into Wise Guys fandom. herm. This agent experienced absolutely no wayward thoughts, she assures you. Her loyalty is unwavering, unshaken, and firmly ensconced in the laps of our two favorite police detectives, a.k.a. The Great Blond One, and Handsome Curly, the Natural Bottom. [sorry flamingo, couldn't resist.]

Your agent suffered a flat tire riding home and was forced to patch her tube next to the whizzing cars on Bayshore Blvd. In the pitch dark. At one point, she considered breaking cover and calling in a rescue team. But this operative could practically hear HQ ranting, "Do you think helicopter fuel grows on trees?"

On Saturday, codename: LadyJ and your operative effected the mission of acquiring the vid show gear. At McCune's, a nice man with very orange shoes did gather together the necessary pieces of equipment, which was loaded into the unmarked, white panel van and transported to the hotel where, with permetaform's assistance, it was transferred to the Presidio Room without incident (and only one bruised finger. whose finger was bruised, and how, is a detail which shall remain classified on a NTK basis).

So, too, shall remain nameless the two kind fen who helped this agent hoist the speakers onto their stands as she did equipment set-up amidst the aborted "Posting Stories: LJ or Websites?" panel. This agent thanks them.

At 4pm, on her way to the S&H party she had planned in her room, your agent was accosted by a miniature Dachsund and codename:Gio arriving in a sleek, obviously stealth-enabled vehicle.

At the party, codenames: Morgan Dawn, Gayle F and Caren Parnes did watch Discovery Channel, Who's Got the Hooch, and other vids on Caren's laptop before this agent had to run off and complete the vid show setup.

With permetaform's terrific assistance, your agent did complete mission prep and, in an entirely anal-retentive manner, marked the volume and EQ levels for all 33 vids to be shown.

The vid show doors opened at 7:30 and the show started at 8pm on the dot. All went w/o a hitch, except your operative's left buttock fell asleep at one point. The vids were fantastic; in fact, all 70 copies of the show sold out w/in an hour after the vid show was over, which is an indicator of what an incredible job Morgan Dawn did in gathering together and compiling a fine selection of visual and auditory delights.

A couple of them almost made this agent plotz.

After the show, break-down took a mere 15 minutes, after which your operative relaxed in the ConCom Hospitality Suite with other wonderful fen to debrief. This agent was hard-pressed not to end Doug's life prematurely when the following interchange occurred:

Doug: "They've started showing episodes of Starsky and Hutch on the CMC (Country Music Channel)."

Molo: "No way! They're showing S&H in the US! How totally cool! I hafta tune in."

Doug: "It's every night at 11pm. Oh, no, wait. It's not Starsky and Hutch. It's Dukes of Hazard."

[pandemonium. shocked outrage. suppression of age-old instincts to throttle.]

Molo: "I keel you. I keel you and ditch your body in a ravine somewhere."

Fortunately, your operative was able to contain her monkey-like impulses. But it was a near thing. HQ might have made a serious tactical error in training her to kill with only her bare hands.

Your operative took this as a sign it was time to hit the road. Piling all her gear into her over-stuffed gear bag, this agent rode the ten miles home in perfectly balmy, welcome-to-San- Francisco-in-November weather and crashed on her futon for a good 9 hours.

Thank you to all the wonderful/cool BASCon folks this agent had the pleasure of meeting this weekend.

This is Agent Molo, signing off.

dateline 11.06.2005 1130 hours

Special Agent In Charge
DHI (Dept. of Homoerotic Investigations)