Notes from the underground: BASCon (2004)

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Title: Notes from the underground: BASCon
Creator: Molo
Date(s): 11/07/2004
Medium: blog
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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The Starsky & Hutch Appreciation Society (virtual fan club) is a fictional fan club created by Molo as an example of meta role-playing. The 'Meeting Minutes 122006 are minutes from one of a series of club meetings that showcase both the silliness of fanclubs as well that fact that even with only one member in attendance, fans still find a way to debate and amuse themselves. The series also includes "Secret Agent Transmissions" describing various fan convention in the 2000s.

The Series

Meeting minutes (to be read in order):

Secret Agent Priority Transmission reports

Notes from the underground: BASCon (2004)

Notes from the underground: BASCon 2004, transmitted to the Starsky & Hutch Appreciation Society (virtual fan club).[1]


FROM codename:molo
Special Agent In Charge
DHI (Dept. of Homoerotic Investigations)


agent molo reporting from high in her San Francisco redoubt.

this agent reported to the BASCon site at 2030 hours on Friday. she was immediately swept into a flurry of introductions by codename:keeker who very kindly helped this operative find other like-minded (read: S/H fans) individuals. con committee member doug, provider of tasty brownies and all manner of conveniences, made yours truly engage in a party game wherein a sticker was placed on her back with the name of a character printed thereon. fortunately, "Spike from Buffy" is an easy test of this agent's knowledge of popular culture. especially what with those abs. later, this agent traded with an unknown but very kind fen for "Ken Hutchinson, Starsky and Hutch." agent molo is most grateful.

codename:doug also makes a mean hotdog, as agent molo discovered later while scavenging the BASCon suite for tasty foods and leads on other contacts in the underground. there, on the bulletin board, a secret message disguised as a party invite was pinned by Morgan Dawn, of whom this agent is a follower. your operative notified codename:dawnwind, and together with suz they followed the clues to a top secret meeting in suite 418.

much avid discussion ensued about the history of S/H, and also following the threads of when each person discovered they were "slashy." dawnwind and suz revealed they had been childhood friends who had written slash stories in their teens. obviously, this syndrome can manifest at quite a young age.

shortly, of course, the discussion devolved into a vicious duel over who is the "One True Morgan." when both parties were blooded, it was agreed to call it a draw.

on Saturday, your operative left SF bright and early to get to the dealer room, where she obtained all manner of historical data bound into loose magazine-like forms. these 'zines,' some of them dating back to the paleolithic era (read: 1979) were acquired as part of her growing body of research on this phenomenon. she also obtained her first VCD, a copy of Morgan Dawn's vid collection; your operative fears a slippery slope in her future.

this agent then caught sight of codename:keri arriving at last with the promised issue of Evolution 2 that agent molo had lacked the foresight to acquire at SHareCon. keri then gave a humbling (to this operative) account of some of the trials that early slashers had to endure in order for their words to be read. this agent owes them much.

agent molo then tried to acquire a coffee beverage at a mysterious "Starbucks" purported to be in the area, but was AGAIN THWARTED in her coffee quest, in spite having seen the sign that clearly stated there was one nearby.

at noon, keri, dawnwind, suz and agent molo shared an excellent repast at the hotel restaurant; the hotel itself is a cibola-like artifice of glory and wonder. fountains, breathtaking glass-walled elevators and a skylight approximately 200 feet in the air are just a few of the features of this odd wonderland.

the luncheon lasted until the wait-staff were fully ready to kick the intrepid talkers out on their keisters. keri had to go back to staff her table, but the remaining gabbers adjourned at 418 for a DIY panel on the Boys, since none was in evidence on the schedule. they were joined by gayle and muriel. those who adore the Boys are determined to continue these important discussions periodically during the rest of the year. perhaps in a nice cafe in SF.

after purchasing yet more documentary data, this agent rode home to analyze Evolution 2 in the privacy of her redoubt, but hears rumors of a fabulous vid portion of the con that was so overwhelming that people had to fan themselves with available palm fronds.

sunday early saw agent molo cruising the area in search of the legendary Starbucks, which she finally located behind the carwash. thus armed with caffeine, your operative attended the dead dog panel in which the hotel and con committee was muchly praised, in spite of the lack of ice chips that were needed to assist the over-heated (see above para). in addition, a raffle was held in which one table accrued the majority of the prizes by virtue of having cornered the market on tickets.

in all, your operative had quite an enjoyable experience, in spite of having to ride her bicycle home 15 miles up el camino with 40 lbs of zines in her bag. she really should have taken advantage of the two masseuses offering rub-downs in the dealer room.

your operative will be sure to expense that, next year.

this is agent molo, signing off.

dateline 11.07.2004 1553 hours, PDT



  1. ^ The transmission of agent Molo's reports in 2004, a full year prior to the founding of the SHAS has caused some historical confusion as, by all reports time travel was not invented until 2137. Still, historians are confident that time works in mysterious ways and too much contemplation can interfere with the enjoyment of canapes.