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Title: Starsky & Hutch Appreciation Society (virtual fan club) Meeting Minutes 122006
Creator: Molo
Date(s): 12/27/2006
Medium: blog
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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The Starsky & Hutch Appreciation Society (virtual fan club) is a fictional fan club created by Molo as an example of meta role-playing. The 'Meeting Minutes 122006 are minutes from one of a series of club meetings that showcase both the silliness of fanclubs as well that fact that even with only one member in attendance, fans still find a way to debate and amuse themselves. The series also includes "Secret Agent Transmissions" describing various fan convention in the 2000s.

The Series

Meeting minutes (to be read in order):

Secret Agent Priority Transmission reports

Meeting Minutes 122006

Starsky/Hutch Appreciation Society Year-End Review

Thursday, December 27, 2006, 21:55 hours Zulu time

Board Meeting Minutes

S/H Appreciation Society

Board Members: agent molo, Chair

Present: agent molo

Absent: none

Quorum present? Yes


· Year-end Meeting called to order by the Chair, agent molo

The year-end meeting of the S/H Appreciation Society did occur tonight at an undisclosed location. The Society is so ill-organized that only one member was in attendance. Also, someone forgot the refreshments and the Society members were reduced to eating stale Halloween candy left over from the last quarterly meeting.

Meeting Minutes:

· As the first item the Chair proposed that the Secretary be held in contempt for failing to provide canapes. This MOTION was shouted down by the Secretary herself, who objected on the grounds she wasn't given advanced notice the meeting was going to take place, since the Chair was purportedly to be cleaning her apartment tonight. The Chair remarked sullenly that the dishes were soaking, and the MOTION was shelved.

· The second agenda item, a MOTION proposed by the Society's Chief Lexicographer, was the addition of nine new terms to the "Words Never to Be Used in S&H Fan Fiction" official Society lexicon. The words were as follows:

snifter udder squamous slough wombat brachiate macrophage parsnip and Renfrew (a small county in Scotland).

The MOTION was seconded by representative molo, who wanted to add the term "globular" but was informed by the Lexicographer that though the term would be taken into consideration, it must first pass focus testing and a very vigorous review by the Lexicography Panel.

The MOTION then passed with eight ayes, none abstaining.

· Item three, "Should we drown Hutch in peat moss?" was brought forward by writer agent molo, who claims she is running out of ways to torment the two primary characters. A lively discussion ensued, the main focus being whether or not a handy peat moss bog could be found within driving distance of Bay City. The Society's staff Geologist was reduced to apoplexy and had to be sedated with chocolate. The item was not seconded and the MOTION failed.

· The Chair then moved that it be entered into the record that Starsky's ass is too perfect to exist in the same time-space continuum as causal reality. The MOTION was seconded and passed.

· The agenda items being completed, the Chair then entered a MOTION that the following "Year End Review" be entered into the official record: "This year has seen epic achievements in the venue of S&H, including great works of wubbie-bashing and curly-bleeding, transcendent romantic creations, and visual/musical opuses that served to move, astound and delight the fandom masses. It is with great gratitude that the Society recognizes all artists and supporters for their contributions to the Greater Good."

the Secretary then proposed a single amendment to para 1 subsection b: "And Bless us, every one."

The motion passed with hearty ayes and a fair amount of wibbling.

· the Chair then called for an end of meeting, and everyone had hot cocoa.

Assessment of the Meeting:

All participants were satisfied with the results of the meeting, with the exception of the Geologist, who insisted she would return with topographical maps.

· Meeting adjourned at 22:29 hours.

· Minutes submitted by Secretary, agent molo.