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Title: Starsky & Hutch Appreciation Society (virtual fan club) Meeting Minutes Year End Review (2005)
Creator: Molo
Date(s): 01/02/2006
Medium: blog
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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The Starsky & Hutch Appreciation Society (virtual fan club) is a fictional fan club created by Molo as an example of meta role-playing. The 'Meeting Minutes 122006 are minutes from one of a series of club meetings that showcase both the silliness of fanclubs as well that fact that even with only one member in attendance, fans still find a way to debate and amuse themselves. The series also includes "Secret Agent Transmissions" describing various fan convention in the 2000s.

The Series

Meeting minutes (to be read in order):

Secret Agent Priority Transmission reports

Meeting Minutes Year End Review 2005

Board Meeting Minutes S/H Appreciation Society
(January 2, 2006. 1225 Zulu time)
Board Members: agent molo, President
Present: agent molo
Absent: none
Quorum present? Yes


  • Year-end Meeting called to order by the chair, agent molo
The year-end meeting of the S/H Appreciation Society did occur last night at an undisclosed location. The Society is so ill-organized that only one member was in attendance.

Meeting Minutes:

  • as the first order of business, participant molo complained that the year-end board meeting was occurring, in fact, at the beginning of the New Year instead of as appropriate in the previous quarter. the meeting Chair took umbrage and told agent molo to shut up and eat her canapes.
  • a motion was then made that the Chair stuff her canapes in a certain undisclosed location. the Chair pointed out that canape stuffage was not on the official agenda and the MOTION was unilaterally shelved.
  • the yearly budget was read and it was discovered that the Society is operating purely in the red. the Chair remonstrated with the Society's Treasurer, agent molo, who was heard muttering about the Chair's inordinate fondness for ordering certain spiral bound documents, loosely labeled 'smut.' the Chair waved her gavel in a threatening manner.
  • a MOTION was then proposed by the Treasurer that the Society raise funds by charging for admission to morgan logan's website, but the MOTION received no seconds after the Chair snidely commented "a penny sure doesn't go far, these days."
  • ballots were then passed out for the S/HAS Year-End Awards and voted upon. participant molo complained that her #2 pencil was inadequately pointy to fill in the little bubbles correctly, and after much grumbling a pencil-sharpener was obtained. the results of the ballots are entered here into the official record:
  • Best Wubbie Angst - Beneath the Skin by lamardeuse
  • Best Curly Bashing w/o Hospitalization - Inside Out by Rae
  • Most Dehydrated Character - 'Belly Up' by Nik
  • Deathliest Fic - by Kassidy
  • Woofiest Drabble (600 words or less) - 'Epiphany' by Thayln
  • Best Use of Hutch's Moles - Luck by Cousin Shelley
  • Best Explanation for Why Starsky Ends Up on the Floor Minus One Shoe - MS from the Fix by Sheila (Callisto)
  • Most Appropriate Use of the Color Red in a Website: Kassidy's Rae's
  • Hottest Masturbation Scene: Weight of Fog by Valentin
  • Most Erotic Use of Honey - Lover's Spit by Jennifer C.
  • Most Fun With Hutch in the Hospital - Thanksgiving a la Starsky by Marcy and CC (Starsky & Hutch fan)
  • Best Gay Cowboy Vid - 'Cowboy Secret' by Flamingo

Participant molo made a MOTION that the Society purchase some sort of plaque for the award winners, but the Treasurer grew hysterical and the MOTION was shelved.

the Chair then proposed that the Society start the year off right by repeatedly violating Starsky's tender love portal with Hutch's turgid man-flesh. the MOTION was quickly seconded and passed.

the Chair then called for an end of meeting, with the explanation that she would "be in her bunk."

Assessment of the Meeting:

All participants were satisfied with the results of the meeting, though agent molo complained about the poor quality of the canapes.

Meeting adjourned at 1:15 a.m.
Minutes submitted by Secretary, agent molo.