Thanksgiving a la Starsky

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Title: Thanksgiving a la Starsky
Author(s): CC and Marcy
Date(s): 2005
Length: 142K
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
External Links: Thanksgiving a la Starsky at the Me and Thee Archive (archived link)

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Artwork by Lorraine Brevig for the story.

Thanksgiving a la Starsky is a Starsky/Hutch story by CC and Marcy.

It was published in Venice Place Chronicles #5. It was posted online to the Me and Thee Archive on November 28, 2006. Lorraine Brevig created artwork for the story.


Thanksgiving is approaching, and Starsky pulls out all the stops to prepare a special holiday dinner. Unfortunately, events at work and home threaten to spoil his plans.

Author's Note

Marcy wrote the following author's note, posted at the end of the story at the Me and Thee Archive:

This story began life as an episode of the Slash Virtual Season being written by Paula Wilshe. I got involved with it as a "medical consultant" and wound up writing scenes for it, after much encouragement and cajoling by Paula. When Paula became ill the story was put aside and she never had a chance to finish it. After Paula's death I wanted to finish the story as a tribute to her and her constant encouragement of new writers. However I only had the scenes I had written and had never even read her parts of the story.

Enter CC to the rescue. Without her, this story would have languished on my hard drive forever in disconnected bits. She took my bits and weaved them into the final story. This is no longer the story Paula was planning, but it does have some of her in it. It's fitting that CC is the one who finished this, because she reminds me a lot of Paula with her generosity, humor, and most of all, her nurturing of budding writers.

I'm proud to have this story in a Venice Place Press zine. Since it originally was Paula's story, there was no other place it could go, other than to the publishing company started by Keri and Paula.

For Paula. We miss you.

Reactions and Reviews

The boys are in a committed relationship and Starsky is going to town to prepare a fitting Thanksgiving feast. Part of his preparation includes trying out new recipes and fixing "test run" meals. One of these experiments makes Hutch horribly ill. Or so our heroes think! What follows is a trip to the hospital, a showdown with baddies, Hutch with his tush hanging out, and much comfort and care on the part of Starsky. This is a very sweet, funny h/c story that features an honest to god case. This fic started life as a Virtual Season episode, but you don't need to have read any other stories in that universe to make sense of it. It's highly enjoyable. And illustrated by the ridiculously talented Lorraine Brevig. [1]


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