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The Dead Dog Panel is the last panel of a media con, a wrap-up time for folks to make suggestions to the con com for improvement of future media cons and to thank convention organizers and helpers. Charity raffles sometimes takes place at the panel. The term is rarely used in reference to other types of convention, although it has been used in the context of some science fiction or fantasy conventions.

When used in connection with a convention with actor guests, the "Dead Dog Party" was a party held for convention volunteers to mingle with the actors and guests.

The distinction between a Dead Dog Panel and Dead Dog Party is sometimes blurred especially when the speaker/writer only refers to "The Dead Dog".

See the entry Convention Business Meeting for alternatives.


SUNDAY - We'll all be dead by then, so we'll have our "Dead Dog Breakfast" and art show pickup". - Paul Muni Special Progress Reports (1985)

....and of course we will be repeating our Dead Dog Breakfast The Dead Dog Breakfast on Sunday is one last chance for everyone to get together. This is very informal; well supply coffee, and throwing what ever munchies we have leftover — so bring our leftover food and drink (and dead dogs)! We will also be having our Charity Jumble Sale — any charity items that didn't go for auction will be sold for minimum bid.... - 1984 Zebracon Convention flyer

"If you can make it, come to the Dead Dog panel Monday afternoon, and tell us what you liked and didn't like about the convention. You can submit your comments in writing, if you like." - 1979 T'Con #2 Program Book

"Anyone still alive and around (not a prerequisite - after all, we'll even take Spock in his present condition) is welcome to attend - 1982 BlooMN'Con Program Guide (referring to the demise of Spock in Star Trek The Wrath of Khan which had been released that summer)

THE DEAD DOG REPORT, or What Did We Do Wrong This Time? Lori Chapek-Carleton and Gordon offer, Carleton subject themselves to . . your verbal slings and arrows and any words of praise you might offer". 1984 Mediawest Program Guide.

Please be sure to attend our Dead Dog Panel on Sunday to let us know your impressions of ClipperCon. A lot of time and effort has been donated by a lot of people to make it happen. We need your feedback to know in which areas we were successful and which may need work. - 1984 Clippercon 1 Program Book