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Name: ClipperCon
Dates: 1984-1989
Frequency: yearly
Location: Maryland, U.S.
Focus: Star Trek
Founder: Marion McChesney
Founding Date:
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ClipperCon is a multifandom convention. It ran for six consecutive years, from February 1984 – February 1989. Many of the con program covers were done by Gina Goodwin. The first con was chaired by Marion McChesney. Bev Volker did the programming for all six years. Its highest attendance was 900.

Voyages is the con zine for this convention.

This con became the con OktoberTrek, which in turn became Farpoint.

One con that moved in to fill in the gap when ClipperCon ended was Fan-Out.

Some Memories

Nancy Kippax remembers:

My ClipperCon experiences were also my introduction to meeting and speaking with the actors and guests on a personal basis. I'd always been the one to hang behind whenever my friends went up for autographs. Even though I'd seen all the original cast members at one con or another, I'd never approached them at all. I don't know, it was just never my speed. But at ClipperCon, out of necessity, I did interact with some of them, and I found it to be quite pleasant. I shared a "Death by Chocolate" dessert with George Takei when we took the guests out to dinner one year. I became quite enamored of Bill Campbell and his lovely wife, Teresa. Bill could tell the most marvelous stories about not only his life in the movies, but stories he had heard from those older citizens who lived in the Actor's Home, where he was employed in the PR offices. Bill had once had a pre-arranged "studio" date with Liz Taylor! Bill was as smooth and charming as he could be, but what impressed me is that after meeting you only once, he remembered your name the second time! What a marvelous man and what fond memories I have of his visits. [1]
That first year, Marion and Gerri, both STAT members active on Shore Leave, were the co-chairpersons for ClipperCon. Our name was taken from one of Baltimore's historic symbols, the great white Clipper Ships that plied the trade routes. It was also, ironically, the symbol used by the Baltimore high school that Bev and I had attended. Coincidence? I think not! Bev took the important secondary position of Program Chair. I was in charge of the Dealer's Room, and other members of our group took other positions. We imported some people from STAT like George Laurence and John Vengrowski, who ran logistics and audio/visual. They would become what is known today as "Conventional Magic". Marion sent out feelers and eventually settled on the lovely Nichele Nichols as our first guest, and we were off and running! We added Allan Asherman, long-time fan and Trek author and chronicler. He brought along a slide show sneak-peek at ST III, which was still four months from opening. ClipperCon lasted for six years, and it was a fantastic experience. This was the something else in fandom that I'd been wanting to do. I got to meet a whole new assortment of wonderful fans and to share a really fun time with them. [2]

ClipperCon 1

February 17-19, 1984 at Marriot's Hunt Valley Inn.

Guests of honor were Allan Asherman, Nichelle Nichols, and Harvey Weinstein.

Con Report: ClipperCon 1

I fully intended to sit down and write a really profound review of CLIPPERCON, held in Baltimore February 17-19, but I just couldn't find it In my heart to do so. Yes, this was the first time I have ever seen Nichelle Nichols (she is so lovely and friendly in person!), or had heard OMICRON CETI III sing (I recommend them to everyone --their set was entitled THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK, and was so beautiful it even made the Klingons behind me sniffle). Yes, they really did have a memorial service for Bill the Cat (ack!). But somehow, listing to Howard Weinstein and Bob Greenberger (formerly of STARL0G Magazine; he wrote the article about ST III in issue #80), was the thing that stuck foremost in my mind. Howie, as they affectionately (?) called him, read us chapter 4 of his forthcoming STAR TREK novel, TREASURE'S TRADE, featuring that old favorite scallawag, Harry Mudd, and a band of religious fanatics, looking to get back something that Harry (of course) stole from them. Greenberger then showed us some slides from -- YES --ST III! Of course, the two of them could not tell us some of the details, and there were no clips of the end of the story. They also felt the need to not only explain what we were seeing, but to interject their own brand of humor into the presentation. The following is a 'stream of consciousness" review of the slides, with Weinstein. and Greenberger's comments in quotes, where applicable... [a detailed, off-the-cuff explanation of many slides]... Any of you who have read the plot synopsis can fit these little tidbits into the outline with no trouble. Believe me, they got a standing ovation! Vonda McIntyre is scheduled to write the ST III novel, due to come out in June.[3]

ClipperCon 2

ClipperCon 2 was held July 13-15, 1985. Guests were to be George Takei, Grace Lee Whitney, Howard Weinstein, and Bob Greenberger.

ClipperCon 3

1986 was the year the con moved from Hunt Valley to the Sheraton.

cover of the 1986 program book

ClipperCon 4


One panel had guest Camille Bacon-Smith; among other things, this panel discussed Mary Sues

cover of the 1987 program book

ClipperCon 5

Clippercon 5 was held March 18-20, 1988 at the Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn, Maryland.

cover of 1988 con program, 48 pages, has picture of the crew from original series of Star Trek and a picture of the crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation with their signatures pre-printed on program.

Richard Arnold was in attendance. It was the 100 con he attended. [4]

ClipperCon 6


cover of the 1989 program book

Nancy Kippax remembers:
We had a tradition at ClipperCon, a communal feast on Friday evening. Marion always insisted on calling this the "Friday Night Supper," while most of us felt "Dinner" would be more fitting and elegant. But no, in her folksy, homespun way, Marion decided it was "supper", and so supper it was. As the final year approached, we decided that the committee would put on a skit, or a play, and it was all about the "Last Supper". The show was titled "So Long, Farewell, and Praise Trek", after the title of the final M*A*S*H* episode, and at one point in the show twelve (or is it thirteen?) of us posed in a tableaux of DaVinci's famous painting of the Last Supper, with Marion in the center position. The script for this zany bit of comedy was written and worked on by several of the committee, notably Bev, April Valentine, and myself, but I remember others contributing lines and ideas. ' [5]


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