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Reverend Trekwell and his "Temple of Trek Revival" was a fan activity at cons.

from Enterprising Women, photo from Shore Leave in 1990, Bacon-Smith calls the activity a skit

Reverend Trekwell is a persona portrayed by fan Weston Scrimger. He appeared at cons starting in about 1990; Shore Leave was one, Fan-Out was another.

In later years, it appears that the Reverend himself did not perform, but instead fans would gather to sing his filks. Trekwell filking at 2007 Shore Leave 2007 (begins at about 1:29)

See: The Temple of Trek Revival Hymnal

From a fan in 1990: "I did manage to drag myself out of bed in time for Rev. Trekwell's Temple of Trek service Sunday morning. This year they had a children's service for the next generation. Praise Trek!" [1]

From the Fan-Out program book: "REVEREND TREKWELL'S TEMPLE OF TREK: is open for worship Sunday morning. The Reverend expects to see you in church, and will revive the holy Trek spirit in his own zealous fashion. Praise Trek!"


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