Venice Place Times

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Title: Venice Place Times
Publisher: Venice Place Press
Editor(s): Keri T.
Date(s): 2001-2004
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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Venice Place Times is a gen Starsky and Hutch anthology.

It has a slash sister zine called Venice Place Chronicles.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Venice Place Times 1 was published in 2001 and has 461 pages.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2 by D.M.K.

Venice Place Times 2 was published in 2002 and has 198 pages. Cover art by Rick Wilshe, cover design by D.M.K. Illustrations by Julie Henderson. Summaries are by the publisher.

  • Blood Test by Minnie K.--After weeks of overtime, and a bout with the flu, sometimes the best thing to soothe the soul is some quiet time with a friend. For Starsky and Hutch, a longed for, quiet weekend together goes crazily out of control when events from Starsky's past come back to trouble them both. Love and loyalties are examined, with some ties surviving, and some not. And no matter what the outcome, they'll both have started it together. (1)
  • Hemorrhage by K. Hanna Korossy--Mistaken perceptions by Hutch take on a life of their own after an IA interview in which it is revealed that Starsky has been questioned and has possibly betrayed Hutch's confidence. (76)
  • Eroded Trust by Sue David--Can Starsky and Hutch rebuild their relationship after Kira? (83)
  • Three Shots by Cheryl T.--A phone call to set things right after a frustrating day with his partner sends Starsky racing to Hutch's side, all the while hoping he didn't hear… what he thinks he heard. (92)
  • Resignation by K. Hanna Korossy--In a missing scene from "Pariah," Hutch struggles to help Starsky come to terms with the events that are unfolding, and their long term ramifications and consequences. (111)
  • Innocence Lost by Sue David and Valerie Wells--Starsky and Hutch pull out all the stops to solve a series of upsetting murder cases... before someone else dies. (117)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

See reactions and reviews for Blood Test.

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Venice Place Times 3 was published in 2002 and has 225 pages. Cover art by Rick Wilshe, cover design by D.M.K. Illustrations by Julie Henderson. Summaries are by the publisher.

  • Nightmare's Gate by L. Thorpe--The mysteries of the mind and evil which know no calendar stalk Starsky and Hutch as they work together on one of their most heartrending cases. (1)
  • Invictus by Valerie Wells--A string of stressful events during his first few weeks on the job gets to a young officer and his violent reaction touches Starsky and Hutch (127)
  • Monk by Soho--In a new interpretation of the aftermath of "The Fix," it turns out that Monk has been alive and in prison for several years following his involvement with Hutch. His subsequent release plunges Hutch into a maelstrom of emotion as the past comes crashing back to haunt him. (144)
  • Ships Without Sails by Lin P.--Hutch finally brings his partner home after the Gunther shooting. But his joy is tempered by Starsky's seeming indifference as he begins to experience re-entry into the world. (218)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Venice Place Times 4 was published in 2004 and has 213 pages.

  • Fate's Happenstance by Minnie K.--In May of 1966 the world was changing, and so were two young men. One in college and one just out of the military, both find their lives taking some strange turns. Can Ken Hutchinson and Dave Starsky learn to work together to save one of them from charges that may send him to jail? (1)
  • A Heaven of Hell by K. Hanna Korossy--Hutch returns from a trip to receive frightening news from Dobey. Starsky has been hospitalized in his absence, and the reason why is the most disturbing thing of all. (39)
  • Homesick by Sue David and Valerie Wells--When a killer strikes repeatedly in their district, Starsky and Hutch go undercover to find out if the crimes are related and to catch the suspect. (57)
  • Dinner Conversation by Dawnwind--While recovering from Gunther's shooting, Starsky gets nostalgic for better times and something other than hospital food. (113)
  • Happy Birthday, Starsk by Katherine Atkins--His first birthday after recovering from the Gunther shooting is a time for Starsky to celebrate, and Hutch wants it to be a memorable occasion. Unfortunately, with Gunther's trial coming up and rumors of reprisal against the two detectives floating around Bay City, the birthday may not be the happy occasion it was intended to be. (119)
  • I Was Out of Line by Sue David--On May 15, 1979, Hutch has an unexpected reaction to someone trying to help. (129)
  • Oasis by K. Hanna Korossy--The aftermath of Hutch's shooting at the hands of a teenaged girl and a rainy night; cause Starsky to examine the division that seems to be occurring between him and Hutch. Are the bonds of friendship and partnership as strong as they always had been? (133)
  • Realignment by Minnie K.--A letter throws Hutch into emotional turmoil. With Starsky by his side, Hutch tries to work through his feelings about someone from his past, trying to decide whether to confront or welcome them. Only things are never that easy, or that simple, for either Starsky or Hutch when the person in question brings trouble on their heels. (138)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

[Realignment]: I like reading about Hutch’s family and this story is completely different than any other “let’s meet Hutch’s father” story in this fandom. I absolutely love Starsky here even though it’s not a happy tale. Excellent job! [1]
[Fate's Happenstance]: Fate's Happenstance is both a case story and a "how the guys met" story, and it works beautifully as both.

Dave Starsky is just out of the army, barely scraping by driving a cab, and not sure where he's going with his life. He's had a falling out with his mentor, John Blaine, he doesn't want to impose on his relatives, but he knows he wants something better, something different than what he's got. Ken Hutchinson is in college, studying economics. He's not really excited about it, but that's what the family expects, so he's doing his best. Thanks to his friend Luke Huntley, he's taking a criminology course, and doing a ride-along with a couple of patrol cops.

One night, a gang of thieves hijack Starsky's cab for a get-away vehicle after a jewellery store robbery, and Ken notices something is wrong, and convinces the cops he's with to check it out.

And the game is on.

Minnie K does a great job of bringing in the things we know about the guys from canon, yet making them appropriate to the setting. The guys' differing tastes in clothes, food, cars are all still there, but in different forms - Hutch has a beat-up little Volkswagon, while Starsky lusts for a sports car. Starsky is dirt poor, while Hutch has some resources, though he's not rich. Starsky is street-smart, Hutch is bookish. But though they are younger, neither is naive, and the courage and determination they show is pure S&H.

Some of the themes we see regularly in canon make up the backbone of the story: crooked cops and cover-ups by members of the police department, Starsky and Hutch being on their own against the world, and above all, the trust and friendship that gets them through against long odds. Minnie K makes the speed of their growing friendship believable. By switching POV between sections, we get to see each of the guys through the eyes of the other as they get to know each other. Neither of them is quite sure why they immediately like and trust this guy they've just met under strange circumstances, but both decide to go with their gut instincts. In the end, they save each other, and the foundation is laid for future partnership.



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