Blood Test

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Title: Blood Test
Author(s): Minnie K.
Date(s): 2002
Genre: gen
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Blood Test is a Starsky & Hutch story by Minnie K..

It was published in Venice Place Times #2 and is online.

This story is gen. Its sequel, Blood Ties, is slash.

There was a third story in the series, "Blood Shed," was in the works at one time, but it was never completed.


"After weeks of overtime, and a bout with the flu, sometimes the best thing to soothe the soul is some quiet time with a friend. For Starsky and Hutch, a longed for, quiet weekend together goes crazily out of control when events from Starsky's past come back to trouble them both. Love and loyalties are examined, with some ties surviving, and some not. And no matter what the outcome, they'll both have started it together."

Reactions and Reviews

Blood Test and its sequel Blood Ties are really great. I really enjoy fics featuring Starsky's brother Nick. I prefer Blood Test to Blood Ties, but both are definitely worth the read. [1]
I'd like to kick off this month by recommending a story (originally appearing in Venice Place Times 2) that holds the distinction of being in my top ten favorites list out of any fandom, ever. Seems Starsky's brother, Nick, is back in town, and Hutch ain't too happy about it. He and Starsk had plans for a quiet weekend at home to celebrate Starsky's birthday (who has been waylaid by a sprained ankle), but everything changes when Nick shows up and coincidentally, things start going very wrong, escalating to a deadly situation. Rife with plot and excitement, Minnie's capture of the boys is spot on, managing not only to emphasize all the action and drama that made the show a hit across the board (and carrying one of the most nerve-wracking, heart-pounding sequences I've ever read), but also to focus on the warmth and caring between the characters. She draws on plot and guest character ties from the third and fourth seasons, including a twist that'll knock your socks off. I love Nick-centric stories, because they often show us the interesting juxtaposition of the family we're born into with the family we choose, and demonstrate with whom true alliance lies. The subtle vying for Starsky's attention and affection between Hutch and Nick is compelling to watch, and, ultimately, the sense of home that Starsky has with Hutch, and lacks with his own brother, is pure heaven to genners and slashers alike....Though this story can and does stand alone as a gen adventure, it is the first installment of a slash series. Its sequel, "Blood Ties" (under the alt-pseudonym Sarah Problem), is available in Venice Place Chronicles 4, and is slated to debut online in Oct/Nov of this year now online. A third story ("Blood Shed") [2] is currently in progress, publication date unreleased. [3]
....Blood Test, by Minnie K, and it's slash sequel, Blood Ties, by Sarah Problem, which just knock me out. Nick Starsky's back in town, and this time he's really up to no good. His jealousy of Hutch's place in Starsky's life and his eagerness to get in with the big bad boys have gotten him into a murder plot. There's a line that just gives me goose bumps every time, said by Starsky after he's seen Nick try to kill Hutch.

"Make no mistake, Nicholas," Starsky said roughly, his grip on Hutch's head tightening. "You might be their son, but I have only one brother, and he's standing right here, with me. Just where he's always been."

Gen or slash, these guys have so much trust and togetherness it's amazing. She's got less of a tough edge than some writers, but the detailed plots and partner moments more than make up for it. [4]


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