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Tropes and genres
Synonym(s)Tattoo, Inking, Body Piercing, Nipple Ring, Navel Ring
Related tropes/genresKink, Blair's Hair
See alsoBody Horror, Wingfic
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Body modification in fanworks...


Some Brief Canon Examples

Angel's tattoo incorporated into a webring graphic

These canon tattoos are often incorporated into fanworks:

Fanon Modifications

  • Teen Wolf: Romantic interests of Derek Hale often get a triskelion tattoo to match the one of Derek's back.
  • The Sentinel: Blair Sandburg has a nipple ring in a lot of fanfic, based on a brief reference in the first season episode "Cypher." Blair talks about getting something tattooed. Jim says, "Above the nipple ring?" and Blair says, "How did you know about that?"
  • Welcome to Night Vale: Despite being a spoken-word-based fandom, depictions of Cecil are often easily identifiable partially due to the character's tattoos. Oddly enough, the show itself never mentions him having tattoos.
  • The Hobbit Jackson films: the dwarves are often depicted as having tattoos and body piercings, which are not a feature of hobbit culture.

As a Symbol of Transformation

Done Without Consent

  • as humiliation

Examples in Fanfiction

Examples in Fanart