SPN ReverseBang 2012

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SPN ReverseBang


ART: A Warm Gun by tringic
drawing/painting | Bela, Meg
FIC: A Warm Gun by saltandbyrne
NC-17 | 4 K | Bela/Meg, Bela/Victor Henriksen | Darkfic

ART: I feel so far from where I've been by midnightheir
drawing/painting | John, Castiel
FIC: I feel so far from where I've been by ego_centrisme
PG | 16.3 K | Castiel/John

ART: Best Interests by chef_geekier
manip | Castiel/Lucifer
FIC: Best Interests by jonjokeat
PG | 4.8 K | Castiel/Lucifer

ART: Pound of Flesh by sagetan
drawing/painting | Castiel/Sam
FIC: A Tree Swinging by inalasahl
PG | 5.5 K | Castiel/Sam

ART: Research and Distraction by cassiopeia7
drawing/painting | Dean, Cassie
FIC: Persistent Illusion by brutti_ma_buoni
R | 3.8 K | Dean/Cassie | casefic

ART: From The Case Files of Dean Winchester, Private Eye by viviantanner
drawing/painting | various
FIC: Road Trip by ero_chibi_chan
PG-13 | 3.2 K | Dean/Castiel | Romance, Mystery

ART: Blush by xlostloonax
drawing/painting | Sam, Dean, Castiel
FIC: Big Brother Is Watching You by moonliteknight
PG | 6 K | Dean/Castiel | High School AU

ART: Vantage Point by artmetica
drawing/painting | Dean/Castiel
FIC: Breathe by fine_feathered
R | 18.5 K | Dean/Castiel | Assassin/Sci-fi AU

ART: Dohvakin by caz2y5
manip, vid | Dean, Castiel
FIC: Dragonborn by i_bleed_magenta
NC-17 | 10 K | Dean/Castiel | Fantasy AU

The Fluorescent Lights, They Burn So Bright by nox_wicked, inspriation for a fic of the same name by akadougal

ART: The Fluorescent Lights, They Burn So Bright by nox_wicked
drawing/painting | Dean, Sam
FIC: The Fluorescent Lights, They Burn So Bright by akadougal
PG-13 | 3.4 K | Dean/Castiel

ART: When It Rains by pro_kira
drawing/painting | Dean, Castiel
FIC: When It Rains It Pours by moonbeamdancer
R | 7.3 K | Dean/Castiel | Fluff, Romance

ART: Possession by ammo
drawing/painting | Dean, Castiel
FIC: Possession by misachan
PG-13 | 11 K | Dean/Castiel | Drama, Romance, Casefic

ART: Hey Baby Blues by jukebox_head
drawing/painting | Dean/Castiel
FIC: Speak Easy by janesgravity
NC-17 | 3.7 K | Dean/Castiel | Romance

ART: Little Mermaid by terrorinyertub
drawing/painting | Dean, Castiel
FIC: A Merman's Tail by remivel
NC-17 | 14.5 K | Dean/Castiel | Fairy tale AU

ART: Glitch in the Matrix by lonewined
manip | Dean, Castiel
FIC: Glitch in the Matrix by electricalgwen
PG-13 | 11.1 K | Dean/Castiel | Sci-fi

ART: Take all the courage you have left by dingobaitt
drawing/painting | Sam, Dean
FIC: Switch. by hippivickyx
PG-14 | 4.7 K | Dean/Castiel

ART: Meanwhile In Purgatory by muse_of_melissa
drawing/painting | Dean/Castiel
FIC: Meanwhile In Purgatory by gryphon2k
NC-17 | 3.8 K | Dean/Castiel | Romance

ART: Lessons Not Learnt from the First Apocalypse by hipokras
manip | Sam, Dean, Castiel
FIC: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi by tikific
PG-13 | 23 K | Dean/Castiel

ART: Treasure House by siriala
manip | Sam/Dean
FIC: Treasure House by smalltrolven
NC-17 | 16 K | Sam/Dean | Casefic

ART: Supernatural/Treasure Planet AU by terrorinyertub
drawing/painting | Castiel, Dean, Sam
FIC: The Greatest Treasure by anoradh
R | 35 K | Dean/Castiel (main), Sam/Gabriel (minor), Bobby/Crowley (pre-slash) | Space Pirate AU

ART: Heaven's Trail by usarechan
drawing/painting | Dean, Castiel
FIC: Beautiful Things Seen by the Astronauts by elfladyarwen
PG-13 | 7.2 K | Dean/Castiel, Joshua, Balthazar, Rachel, OC | War, Romance

ART: Angel by queenmidalah
manip | Dean, Jo
FIC: I Think I Dreamed You Into Life by enochiansigils
PG-13 | 3.4 K | Dean/Jo

ART: Bathroom by deadflowers5
drawing/painting | Dean, Sam
FIC: The Bride in the Bath by annie46
NC-17 | 7.1 K | Dean/Sam

ART: Invasion by ileliberte
drawing/painting | Sam, Dean
FIC: Murmuration by rainylemons
R | 10 K | Gen | Horror

ART: cold as the blood through your bones by annartism
drawing/painting | Sam, Dean
FIC: Clean by verucasalt123
R | 3.2 K | Gen

ART: Kettle by gnatkip
drawing/painting | Sam, Dean
FIC: Settle Out And Fade Away by geckoholic
PG-13 | 10 K | Gen | Casefic

ART: Indecision by holy_wings
drawing/painting | Castiel
FIC: Choose a Path That's Clear by grasshopr_molly
PG-13 | 3.4 K | Gen | angst

ART: Vision by liliaeth
manip | Sam, Dean
FIC: A Monster in the Dark by twisted_slinky
PG-13 | 7.5 K | Gen | Horror, Romance

ART: The Cage by amberdreams
drawing/painting | Sam, Dean
FIC: The Cage by reapertownusa
PG-13 | 11 K | Gen

ART: Role Reversal by mangacrack
drawing/painting | Sam, Dean
FIC: A Looking In View by lady_yashka
PG | 3.3 K | Gen | Drama

ART: Not the Man I Used to Be by cassiopeia7
drawing/painting | Sam, Dean
FIC: Not the Man I Used to be by rougepinapple
PG | 3.5 K | Gen

ART: Misfortune In The Cards by quickreaver
drawing/painting | Amelia, Sam, Dean, Castiel
FIC: In the Cards by monicawoe
R | 3.6 K | Gen, Amelia, Sam, Dean, Castiel | Horror

ART: Airplanes in the Sky by lonwined
manip | Dean
FIC: zipper-suited sun god by hipokras
PG-13 | 9 K | Gen, Balthazar, Castiel, Crowley, Dean, Gabriel, Ruby with Anna, Ellen, Jo, Kali and Sam | Fighter-pilot AU

ART: The Feel of Your Name by tdorian
drawing/painting | Dean
FIC: Sound of Your Heart Under Your Skin by stripytights
PG-13 | 6.4 K | Gen, Dean

ART: Burnt But Loved by lidoshka
drawing/painting, manip | Dean, Sam, John
FIC: High School is Hell (When Your Face Doesn't Fit) by sw0rdy
PG-13 | 8.1 K | Gen, Dean hurt/comfort

ART: Untitled by dollarformyname
drawing/painting, overpaint | Dean
FIC: News of my Death by chiiyo86
PG-13 | 3.7 K | Gen, Dean

ART: Untitled by sillie82
drawing/painting | Dean, Sam
FIC: The North American Field Guide to Dean Winchester by sylvia_locust
R | 5.3 K | Gen, Dean

ART: Untitled by chosenfire28
manip | Dean, Lydia
FIC: An Amazon Winchester by antrazi
PG-13 | 4.3 K | Gen, Dean

ART: Starfish Club by ladyamarra
drawing/painting | Dean
FIC: Starfish Club by jennytork
PG | 4.4 K | Gen, Dean | Sci-Fi

ART: Doorways by crimsontoad
manip | Mary
FIC: through a glass, darkly by lyryk
PG-13 | 3.9 K | Gen, Mary, Sam, Dean

ART: Lonely I Trust by seleneheart
drawing/painting | Sam, Lucifer, OFC
FIC: Phantom Pain by strangeallure
R | 8.1 K | Gen, Sam Winchester, Jarold Kampfer (played by Mark Pellegrino), Carly Kampfer

ART: Untitled by amberdreams
manip | Sam, Dean, OFC
FIC: Rome's Wolf by fansahe
R | 5.5 K | gladiators AU

ART: Binary Stars by 888mph
drawing/painting | Gwen/Rachel
FIC: Binary Stars by bubbly_basmati
R | 12 K | Gwen/Rachel, implied Dean/Cas

ART: Let's Fly Sam by sammycolt24
drawing/painting | Jared, Jensen, gen
FIC: Fly Away Home by glasslogic
R | 11 K | Jared, Jensen, gen

ART: The Late Goodbye by viviantanner
manip | Castiel, Gabriel
FIC: The Late Goodbye by patriciatepes
PG-13 | 3.2 K | Kali/Gabriel | Hurt/comfort

ART: Well Bugger Me... by chef_geekier
drawing/painting | Castiel, Gabriel
FIC: Well Bugger Me... by ljunattainable
PG-13 | 5.2 K | Kid!Cas, Kid!Gabriel | kid-fic

ART: Choose by tiggeratl1
manip | Sam, Dean
FIC: The Test by jasmineisland
PG-13 | 5 K | Sam, Dean | Horror

ART: Not Your Typical Salt And Burn by sailorstarshine
drawing/painting | Sam, Dean
FIC: Children shouldn't play with dead things fullmoon02
PG-13 | 3.3 K | Sam, Dean, Bobby

ART: Untitled by midnightheir
drawing/painting | a journal page
FIC: Tail Spinning by atanih88
PG-13 | 7.4 K | Sam, Dean, gen | Casefic

ART: Heart's Ease by scarletscarlet
drawing/painting | Dean
FIC: The Stolen Man by lies_unfurl
R | 12 K | Sam/Castiel, Dean/Oberon

ART: Under the Stars by pixymisa
drawing/painting | Sam, Deam
FIC: Cut Too Close and Dug Too Deep by lavishsqualor
PG-13 | 5.7 K | Sam/Dean Drama

ART: Creeping Curse by eleke
drawing/painting | Dean
FIC: An Old Acquaintance Among the Pines by hybridshade
NC-17 | 22 K | Sam/Dean Casefic

ART: Interlude by mangacat201
vid | various
FIC: Reality Is Relevant by dolnmoon
NC-17 | 12 K | Sam/Dean | hurt/comfort

ART: Wanted Dead or Alive by lightthesparks
manip, graphics | Sam, Dean
FIC: Run, Run by minchout
PG-13 | 6.5 K | Sam/Dean Season 3

ART: Me and No Other by bt_kady
manip | Sam, Dean
FIC: My Lungs Ache Filled With Water by paula_lirio
NC-17 | 19 K | Sam/Dean angst

ART: Full Circle by machidieles
drawing/painting | Sam, Dean, Adam
FIC: Shell Game by rivkat
NC-17 | 23 K | Sam/Dean

ART: Out of Gas. Out of Road. Out of Time. by sophiap
drawing/painting | Sam, Dean
FIC: Out of Gas. Out of Road. Out of Time. by de_nugis
R | 5.3 K | Sam/Dean

ART: Gateway by millaje
drawing/painting | Sam
FIC: The Price by selecasharp
R | 38.2 K | Sam/Dean

ART: Untitled by odysseaia
manip | None
FIC: Heart of the Earth by writewanderlust
PG-13 | 8.4 K | Sam/Dean, adventure

ART: I know what you dream about, I've been there by badbastion
drawing/painting | Sam/Dean, Lucifer
FIC: Sleeping With Ghosts by cherry916
NC-17 | 3.7 K | Sam/Dean

ART: Happily Ever After by lightthesparks
manip | Sam/Dean
FIC: Roads Untravelled by dream_mancer
PG-13 | 18.5 K | Sam/Dean | curtain!fic

ART: Handcuffed by alice_and_emma
drawing/painting | Sam, Dean
FIC: For With the Heart by sowell
NC-17 | 11 K | Sam/Dean

ART: Carny by cybel
manip | Dean
FIC: Hub and Spoked by girlguidejones
NC-17 | 5.5 K | Sam/Dean

ART: Red by glasslogic
manip | Sam, Dean
FIC: If the dam breaks open many years too soon by deirdre_c
NC-17 | 8.4 K | Sam/Dean

ART: Son, Always Be A Good Boy by le_petit_bazar
manip | Sam, Dean
FIC: Eighteen Months to Life by anyothergirl415
NC-17 | 9 K | Sam/Dean

Tattooed Sam by clex_monkie89, the inspiration for the fic Ink Kink

ART: Tattooed Sam by clex_monkie89
manip | Sam
FIC: Ink Kink by tsukinofaerii
NC-17 | 6.1 K | Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Jess | threesome/moresome

ART: Taking Some Time Off by paxdracona
drawing/painting | Sam, Dean, Castiel
FIC: Taking Some Time Off by bree_black
R | 6.6 K | Sam/Dean/Castiel | Romance

ART: Guardian Gabriel by seleneheart
drawing/painting | Gabriel
FIC: Angel at the End of Time by lysanatt
NC-17 | 51 K | Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, Gabriel(Loki)/others

ART: Shadow by crimsontoad
manip | Jess
FIC: Not Myself You See by sistabro
NC-17 | 9.5 K | Sam/Jess

ART: Space by glasslogic
manip | Sam, Dean
FIC: Silver Apples of the Moon by cordelia_gray
PG-13 | 3.8 K | Sam/Jess, very vague hints of Sam/Dean | Space AU

ART: brought my heart to feed, but my mouth was fire by marciaelena
paintover | Jo
FIC: brought my heart to feed, but my mouth was fire by placeofinsanity
NC-17 | 6.6 K | Sam/Jo/Dean, established Sam/Dean


ART: The Many Lives of Jared Padalecki by expectative
manip | Jared/Jensen, Gen/Danneel
FIC: The Many Lives of Jared Padalecki by ukefied
PG-15 | 10 K | Jared, Jensen, Gen, Danneel

ART: Untitled by angstpuppy
manip | Jared, Jensen
FIC: Don't Look Into The Mirror! by maaldas
R | 12 K | Jared, Jensen, Matt Cohen, JDM, OCs | Fantasy AU

ART: Bad Hair Day by tdorian
drawing/painting | Jared, Jensen, JDM
FIC: Bad Hair Day (please come and save me) by painted_pain
R | 5.4 K | Jared/JDM | Romance

ART: Light and Darkness by inanna_maat
manip | Jared, Jensen
FIC: A Child Shall Lead Them by cillab42
NC-17 | 17 K | Jared/Jensen | Fantasy

ART: Learn how to fly as you're falling by ladytiferet
manip | Jensen
FIC: A Long Descent From Grace by ysbail
PG-13 | 3.6 K | Jared/Jensen

ART: Rough Riders by nanoks
manip | Jared, Jensen
FIC: Slipstream by tispy_kitty
NC-17 | 14 K | Jared/Jensen | Crime Thriller

ART: Pink by gassadaa
drawing/painting | Jared/Jensen
FIC: The Unexpected by tmn1966
NC-17 | 6.6 K | Jared/Jensen | Romance

ART: Magical Pet Shop AU by ordinaryink
drawing/painting | Jared, Jensen, Genevieve
FIC: Dream a Little Dream of Menagerie by cherie_morte
PG-13 | 16 K | Jared/Jensen | Fluff

ART: Jensen A.'s Last Dance by petite_madame
drawing/painting | Jared/Jensen
FIC: Living Dead Guy by namichan89
NC-17 | 8.6 K | Jared/Jensen | hurt/comfort

ART: Is He A Slave Or The Master? by bumerbmw
manip | Jensen
FIC: Is He A Slave Or The Master? by annie46
NC-17 | 6.3 K | Jared/Jensen | Slavery AU

ART: Unexpected Consequences by bt_kady
manip | Jared/Jensen, various
FIC: The Circle of Us by anyothergirl415
NC-17 | 30 K | Jared/Jensen | HS AU, romance

ART: The Ugly Ducking Make Over Reality Show by birddi
manip | Jared, Jensen
FIC: Amends by daniomalley22
PG | 18 K | Jared/Jensen |

ART: All Things Either Good or Ungood by fanlay
drawing/painting | Jared/Jensen
FIC: All Things Either Good or Ungood by tebtosca
NC-17 | 17 K | Jared/Jensen | Crime Drama

ART: Never Back Down by nanoks
manip | Jared/Jensen
FIC: Raveling the Cloth of What We Are by maryjo24
NC-17 | 19 K | Jared/Jensen |

ART: Untitled by cybel
manip | Jared/Jensen
FIC: Find Your Light by ratherastory
NC-17 | 12 K | Jared/Jensen | theatre AU

ART: Rewind by petite_madame
drawing/painting | Jared, Jensen, Misha
FIC: As I Lay Dying by namichan89
NC-17 | 35 K | Jared/Jensen | hurt/comfort

ART: Cloud Nine by beelikej
manip | Jared, Jensen
FIC: How to do teenage drama the right way and still come out on top by the_milky_way
PG-13 | 8 K | Jared/Jensen | Romance, High School AU

ART: I would advise you to keep your distance by aminday
a drawing/painting | Jensen
FIC: At the sunset, every wild rose dies by weeping_ice
PG | 5 K | Jared/Jensen | Fantasy AU

ART: Jared and the Voodoo Dolls by le_petit_bazar
manip | Jared
FIC: Heart Song by cydsa
NC-17 | 4.5 K | Jared/Jensen | Magic, Romance

ART: PACK by ldyghst
manip | Jensen
FIC: The Chances We Take by sepherim_ml
NC-17 | 9.5 K | Jared/Jensen | werecreatures

ART: Vow of Protection by gassadaa
drawing/painting | Jared, Jensen, Misha
FIC: Vow of Protection by fiercelynormal
R | 7 K | Jared/Jensen | Fantasy AU

Cover art by xloz_91x for the fic My Hearts Beating Just Because of You

ART: Untitled by xloz_91x
manip, graphics | Jared, Jensen
FIC: My Hearts Beating Just Because of You by alienat
PG-13 | 18 K | Jared/Jensen | Romance, hurt/comfort

ART: As Long As We Have Each Other by nrrrdygrrrl
drawing/painting | Jared, Jensen
FIC: As Long As We Have Each Other by hunters_retreat
PG-13 | 26 K | Jared/Jensen | future, post-apocalyptic

ART: To The Underworld by becc_j
drawing/painting | Jensen
FIC: Elegy for the Living by cleflink
PG | 23.5 K | Jared/Jensen

ART: Kyrie Eleison by bflyw
manip | Jensen, Jared
FIC: Kyrie Eleison by blackrabbit42
PG-13 | 6.6 K | Jared/Jensen

ART: Witness: Observing a Life by jenilees
drawing/painting | Jensen, Jared
FIC: Observing a Life by stella_lost
PG | 14.7 K | Jared/Jensen | romance

ART: Toward the Light by candygramme
manip | Jared/Jensen
FIC: A Series of Images by nightrider101
PG | 4.8 K | Jared/Jensen

ART: Untitled by dephigravity
drawing/painting | Jensen
FIC: Silver City, Golden Heart by akintay
NC-17 | 14 K | Jared/Jensen | Fantasy AU

ART: Morning's Catch by lamapan
drawing/painting | Jared/Jensen
FIC: Recipe for a Successful Relationship by broompeople
R | 12.3 K | Jared/Jensen

ART: Ackles' Adventure by expectative
manip | Jared, Danneel
FIC: The Obsidian Knife by zubeneschamali
NC-17 | 17.8 K | Jared/Jensen | Adventure

ART: Trapped by inanna_maat
manip | Jensen
FIC: Trapped by mikopony
R | 6.8 K | Jared/Jensen | Fantasy AU, Horror

ART: The Boy and the Captain by deadflower5
drawing/painting | Jared, Jensen
FIC: A Disposable Husband by i_o_r_h_a_e_l
R | 6 K | Jared/Jensen

ART: Untitled by bumerbmw
vid, manip | Jared, Jensen
FIC: Vietti by lexophilia
NC-17 | 4.5 K | Jared/Jensen | Romance, hurt/comfort

ART: Let It Be by apieceofcake
manip | Jared, Jensen
FIC: Castle of Glass by tattoedevil
R | 18 K | Jared/Jensen | Drama

ART: Central Park by amindaya
drawing/painting | Jared/Jensen
FIC: So Wisely and So Well by harwhon
PG-13 | 16 K | Jared/Jensen | Romance

ART: Sweeter than Heaven, hotter than Hell by mashimero
drawing/painting | Jared, Jensen
FIC: Sweeter than Heaven, hotter than Hell by queerly_it_is
NC-17 | 24 K | Jared/Jensen, background Misha/Genevieve

ART: Caught In The Act by sillie82
drawing/painting | Jared, Jensen
FIC: L'Mantellum by deans_mine
NC-17 | 9 K | Jared/Jensen, Jensen/OMC

ART: Long Way Home by onceuponarhi
manip | Sam, Dean, Ruby
FIC: Long Way Home by snickfic
NC-17 | 21 K | Jared/Jensen/Genevieve | post-apocalyptic road trip

ART: MMMorgan's by beelikej
papercut collage | JDM, Jensen
FIC: Bake & Shake by bertee
NC-17 | 17 K | JDM/Jensen | Romance

ART: Twisted Fairy Tale by evian_fork
manip, graphics | Jensen, Jared
FIC: Short Story Longer by raths_kitten
R | 4.1 K | Jensen/Jared | Fantasy AU

ART: Day of Future Passed by angstpuppy
manip | Jared, Jensen, JDM
FIC: Days Of Future Passed by dont_hate_me
NC-17 | 18 K | Jensen/Jared, JDM, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, OMC, OFC | angst, hurt/comfort

ART: Crash by embroiderama
manip | Jensen, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
FIC: Crash by marchia43
PG-13 | 8.0 K | Jensen/Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Fandom/Genre: SPN/RPS, Romance, Hurt/Comfort

ART: Ignorance Is Bliss by sailorhathor
manip | Jensen, Misha, Alona (content note: graphical violence re Alona)
FIC: I Want To Call You Mine by wine_into_water
NC-17 | 4.2 K | Jensen/Misha, Jensen/Alona/Misha |

ART: The World's Most Dangerous Magician by sailorhathor
manip | Jared, Jensen, Various
FIC: Dovetail Shuffle by brutti_ma_buoni
NC-17 | 7.5 K | Multiple combinations of Jared, Jensen, Katie, Alona and Misha, het, slash and multi | Magician AU

ART: No Way Back by apieceofcake
manip | Jensen
FIC: A Stranger to Sorrow by corbyinoz
R | Jared/Jensen | angst, hurt/comfort