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You may be looking for the fic by M. Fae Glasgow called Bedtime Story.

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Convention Bedtime Stories is a convention activity, especially at cons with a slash emphasis.

Reading bedtime stories was a common Escapade activity. See this con's programming in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001.


Examples of Use

  • "Can we talk about the bedtime stories [readings]? I loved Gayle F's reading of the spermy excerpt from Moby Dick. I will never be able to watch a whale movie with a straight fish (oops I meant face) again." [1]
  • "The Friday night bedtime story reading was fun, although less so than in previous years. Jane Mailander read another of what seems to be her traditional guess-who-these-characters-are stories; I could guess some of them, but didn't really want to do the work that evening. The second reading was a set of excerpts from a Pros novel premiering at the con. I want a complete entertainment experience at the story reading, and this felt a little too much like a commercial instead: a long back-cover blurb. Nor were the excerpts that were read particularly slashy; the whole thing didn't feel appropriate. On the other hand, I certainly have a new perspective on Respectable Literature now, after that entirely-unedited chunk of Moby Dick was read. The traditional M. Fae story was also read and was traditionally sweet and fun, and the last reading was complex, intricate, and also fun." [2]
  • "I especially enjoyed your newest one "Duped Again". It was great read aloud as a "bedtime story" by my friend Kaye while we were at ORAC. She even does a great French accent." [3]
  • "Bedtime Stories: Dress in your jammies and bring your favorite sex scenes to read at this pre-slumber party held in the CONspirator's suite Friday night." [4]
  • "The bedtime story reading on Friday night I do miss the readings of a few years ago, though, when for one thing we got a new M. Fae story - it used to be the "M. Fae Glasgow bedtime story reading," after all - and, more to the point, we got cozy bedtime stories and good read-aloud stories, more or less. Some stories are really better read aloud than silently, like the hysterical parody that Meg read several years ago, and I'd like to see stories chosen for the reading on that basis." [5]
  • "Friday night was Nanny's Bedtime Stories, which was mainly Nanny's Duncan/Methos Read-a-thon this year. The theme was somewhat broken by my reading of a hilarious magazine article about gay-positive TV shows, and an amusing Sentinel vignette whose author escapes me." [6]


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