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Fanfiction is rife with camping stories.

The trope differs from Wilderness Survival in that the wilderness setting is by choice, rather than forced.

One appeal of camping stories may be getting characters out of their usual element and away from everyday distractions.

Camping provides a wealth of H/C scenarios involving snowstorms, flooded rivers, rock slides, falls from high places, and ferocious wild animals. The wilderness can also be populated by escaped criminals, wily moonshiners, and other dangerous humans. Snakebites and the subsequent sucking the venom out of one's partner, and medicinal snuggling in a sleeping bag for warmth are popular tropes. The h/c possibilities also include close body contact to leading to first time sex.

Canon Camping

Some fandoms have canon camping. The Sentinel has several episodes that send Jim and Blair into the woods. Even Starsky and Hutch gets the two big-city cops in close contact with a rattlesnake, sleeping bags, and the threat of "biting cows." Other canons where characters go camping for whatever reason include Torchwood, Harry Potter, Brokeback Mountain, and The Hobbit. Fandoms with no canon camping have to work a little harder at getting their characters into the woods.

Examples of Camping Fanworks

Some Camping Fanart