Call of the Wild (Due South)

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The final two-part episode of due South was titled "Call of the Wild". The ramifications presented in the same resulted that fanfiction set post-series were often referred to as post-CotW in headers.

The final episode wraps up the show's characters as follows:

  • Detectives Jack Huey and Thomas Dewey opened their comedy club which played to marginal houses for a long time.
  • Constable Turnbull ran for public office, but his campaign got off to a rocky start when he was run over by his own campaign bus.
  • Francesca Vecchio made the cover of 'Life' magazine with a record six immaculate conceptions. She loved her babies as if they were her own.
  • Lieutenant Welsh stayed behind his desk, because that was where he belonged.
  • Inspector Thatcher transferred to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, where she was instrumental in the destabilization and overthrow of several world dictators. She's shown in a group photo with what we're to assume are her fellow CSIS officers.
  • Fraser Sr. did not exact revenge against the criminal Muldoon for murdering his wife Caroline when presented with the chance. By not doing so, he solved his last case. The last time we see Fraser Sr. is when he leaves this earthly realm -- accompanied by the ghost of his dear departed Caroline.

A substantial portion of post-CotW fic addresses the fate of Benton Fraser and Ray Kowalski, often with the two men in a romantic and/or sexual relationship. Many of these works were set at a Canadian shack or cabin. These works inspired the multifandom challenge, 101 Ways To End Up In A Canadian Shack.

In 2008, a fan called wonkyinagoodway won the original script of the episode at a convention auction, and her friend lipstickcat took some pictures that were added to the Last RCW related post.[1] The original ending, if filmed, would've left Fraser in Canada along with Thatcher and Turnbull at an unnamed northern outpost, Ray Kowalski assigned to the 32nd Precinct, and Ray Vecchio at his original posting.

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