That's All (Due South vid)

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Title: That's All
Creator: SDWolfpup
Date: 25 July 2007
Format: digital vid
Genre: constructed reality
Fandom: due South
URL: That's All (Livejournal)

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That's All is a constructed reality slash vid that explores the relationship between Ray Vecchio and Ray Kowalski. Because the two characters shared very little screen time in canon, the vid seamlessly combines footage from different Ray seasons to create new scenes where both Rays appear to be present and reacting to one another. The vid is 1:45 min long.

Summary: There's been no one who makes Vecchio feel like Kowalski does.

Vidding Notes: "When I started with this idea, I had dreams of it being very experimental, and very different from anything I'd ever done. That didn't quite happen. I ended up relying on the way I normally put vids together to make this one. It is different for me, however, because it's almost entirely constructed, which I haven't ever done. The only clips that are meant to be taken contextually are those from "Call of the Wild." Everything else has been taken out of context, and what I hope I was able to do was take the emotion of the story of Ray/Ray and vid the fanon as I see it. The love, the snark, the punching; I tried to have it all, in less than two minutes. Hee. There's a lot of clip manipulation in this vid, more than I've ever done. Not just the obvious masking bits that I made using Motion (which: Motion is AMAZING and I have only scratched the surface), but lots of flipped clips, lots of colored and zoomed and otherwise altered clips to try to get things to fit together. I paid a lot of attention to eyelines in order to connect the characters across scenes and not just in them. I also focused more heavily on intended audience than I ever have before. This vid was made for Ray/Ray fans specifically, keying into the things I think we've developed in our fanon, based on who the characters were in canon."[1]

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