That's All (Due South vid)

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Title: That's All
Creator: SDWolfpup
Date: 25 July 2007
Format: digital vid
Length: 1:45 min
Music: "That's All" by Genesis
Genre: constructed reality
Fandom: due South
URL: That's All (Livejournal)

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That's All is a constructed reality slash vid by SDWolfpup, that explores the relationship between Ray Vecchio and Ray Kowalski. It is often praised for the skill required to create a compelling narrative for two characters who appeared together in only a small number of scenes in the final two-part episode of due South.[1]

The lack of canon source material posed a challenge for vidders. SDWolfpup took footage from canon scenes featuring only Ray V or Ray K, and merging this footage together in photo-manips, was able to create scenes where it appeared the two Rays were physically interacting and reacting to each other. These out of context scenes were heavily influenced by fanon in Ray/Ray fandom at the time.

SDWolfpup's original summary stated, "There's been no one who makes Vecchio feel like Kowalski does". When this vid was featured on the 2011 Constructed Reality panel at Vividcon this vid was described as depicting a "Vecchio and Kowalski team up after the show ends".

Vidding Notes

When I started with this idea, I had dreams of it being very experimental, and very different from anything I'd ever done. That didn't quite happen. I ended up relying on the way I normally put vids together to make this one. It is different for me, however, because it's almost entirely constructed, which I haven't ever done. The only clips that are meant to be taken contextually are those from "Call of the Wild." Everything else has been taken out of context, and what I hope I was able to do was take the emotion of the story of Ray/Ray and vid the fanon as I see it. The love, the snark, the punching; I tried to have it all, in less than two minutes. Hee.

There's a lot of clip manipulation in this vid, more than I've ever done. Not just the obvious masking bits that I made using Motion (which: Motion is AMAZING and I have only scratched the surface), but lots of flipped clips, lots of colored and zoomed and otherwise altered clips to try to get things to fit together. I paid a lot of attention to eyelines in order to connect the characters across scenes and not just in them.

I also focused more heavily on intended audience than I ever have before. This vid was made for Ray/Ray fans specifically, keying into the things I think we've developed in our fanon, based on who the characters were in canon. I also tried to structure the vid to draw people into the story in a way that they could buy, and I kept in mind that people would likely have seen any Kowalski clips many more times than Vecchio clips, so I generally messed more with the Kowalski clips than the Vecchio ones.

The hand-clasping clip comes from the show Dante's Cove, and if you liked it, then you can thank strangefandom because that's how I found out about this show. The opening and closing frame shots were filmed with my shaky hands (curse the lack of tripod!) at brynn's house using jarrow's video camera and then futzed with in post to (hopefully) make it look animated. That is probably the most experimental part of this whole vid. [2]


Reactions and Reviews

This is basically fanfiction: there's obviously not enough canon to support the story this is telling, so almost all clips are taken out of context. That said, it's delightful, really well done.[3]


Wow. I'm not sure how you managed to make a vid about two characters who weren't even in the same show at the same time (mostly!), but you did, and it worked, and I think my head just exploded.

Note to self: finish watching DS and read some Ray/Ray fic. :-> [4]



It's so great! Boys! *hugs them* So many parts to love, from Vecchio being a sexy son of a bitch to the slashy collaging and extraneous source. I don't know if anyone has ever collaged heads together for a near-kiss in a VID, madam. I could be wrong, but seriously. That is AWESOME. [5]


I can't speak to this vid like fans of the pairing can, but from a constructed narrative point of view, not to mention a tech point of view? WOW. I'm on the laptop right now, so just watched on imeem and will have to dl and rewatch later, but... yeah. Wow.

Also, I never thought I'd say this, but thank goodness for that hideous yet instantly recognizable omnipresent green interrogation room that allows you to put them in the same place at the same time. Heh.

In conclusion, if I am earwormed with this song for the rest of the day, I am making you buy me a drink at Vividcon. [6]


Wow, this is amazing in a whole new way! I am so impressed!

I'd seen that someone was attempting a Ray/Ray vid, but I really hadn't been getting my hopes up for more than pretty, but unrelated clips.

I should have paid attention to who was doing the vidding. I love "You Can Call Me," and I should have guessed that you would pull off Ray/Ray. I am amazed at how you manipulated clips to ping our memories of the history of the two of them - a history that never happens on screen.

I really like the Fraser and Stella parts at the beginning - using the phone call from Burning down the House, Stella turning away from the other Ray - and I love the echoes of those relationships around 1.13 to 1.15 with the lyrics at that point.



YAY You! I know what a struggle this was for you and I think you did an awesome job of pulling it all together, especially taking footage from different sources and making it seem like the scenes actually exist in canon. You even made me want to speed up my viewing and et to season three. :) And if you were to ever do a Horatio/Archie vid and pull off the kissing that never actually happened you may find extra money in your bank account. I'm just sayin'. ;-) [8]


I want you to know that I SO RESISTED clicking on this link. Because Ray/Ray usually hurts me, especially when it's done in a way that's dismissive of--or brutal to--Fraser, and I knew that whatever you would do with Ray/Ray you would do so well that if it was gonna hurt, it would hurt--I hope I am being clear, so that you get that, yes, this is a compliment. :) I can more easily dismiss what isn't done well or convincingly, and there's never that loophole in your work; it's always top quality.

So I'm happy to say this vid is adorable and it doesn't hurt (*whew*--maybe it helps that Constructed Reality is AU by definition, and you made it clear here by reimagining and manipping stuff that happened very differently in canon). The piece is AMAZING! The way you did with video what only Hollywood (and maybe Killabeez and TJonesy *g*) can usually do just blew me away. Because Vecchio and Kowalski had a total of what, 3 minutes of screen time together at most? And you, like...manipped them! And the punches, and the mirror images, and, my God, making it look like Ray's kissing Vecchio instead of Stella, standing so close to Vecchio instead of Fraser? I'm in total awe of your vidding skills. You chose a perfect song to set it to, as well.

I hope you're entering this in a competition. Because it's just brilliant, and you will win. [9]


Best. AU. Vid. Ever. To bad nothing seems to be going on at strangefandom anymore, 'cause I'd love to see what someone who'd seen nothing of the show would take away from this vid. My guess is that it would be a perfectly accurate impression of fic, and a completely inaccurate impression of the show. Ray/Ray fandom is baffling in a wonderful sort of way. [10]


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