A Glorious Revolution

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due South Fanfiction
Title: A Glorious Revolution
Author(s): Lost the Plot
Genre: femslash
Fandom: due South
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A Glorious Revolution is a due South Frannie/Maggie story by Lost the Plot.

Reactions and Reviews

This is another post-COTW story, but with a different slant. This story follows Frannie - left behind in a station that's much changed with the absences of Ray, Fraser, Ray, Huey and Dewey. This is a Frannie that is working to improve herself - to grow up and mature - yet still remains Frannie, mistaken word choices and all. And in Chicago - seemingly still the location of choice for awkward Mounties - Francesca meets Maggie Mackenzie again. The author gives an excellent Frannie voice, her hopes, loves and insecurities. Maggie is clearly herself and the growing friendship and romance between the two is well-handled as they become closer. The inclusion of Fraser and Ray's surrogacy request together with Frannie's desire for a child is a handy nod to her canon-referred ending. This is a sweet, quiet story, in which Frannie finally gets her Mountie. [1]


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