Hidden Secrets, Broken Hearts

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Title: Hidden Secrets, Broken Hearts
Editor(s): Elaine Hauptman & Lucy Doty
Date(s): 2004
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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Hidden Secrets, Broken Hearts is a slash Starsky and Hutch 206-page anthology edited by Elaine Hauptman and Lucy Doty. Cover by Lorraine Brevig. Interior art by Lorraine Brevig, Ruth Kurz, Maureen B., and Bliss.


Reactions and Reviews

[Home is Where the Heart Is]: It is one of the best tie-in stories to an episode I've ever read. The episode? "The Heroes," the one where Starsky takes $3,000 of Hutch's money and invests it in a falling-down house. On the show, Hutch is not amused, but in this story we see the real motives behind Starsky's purchase.

This story has it all: Hutch angst, Starsky angst, a lovely first time plot and the two men finally realizing that a house can be more than an investment, it can turn into the home you've always wanted -- with the person you love.

As per Dana's usual brilliance, this story is filled with raw emotions, intense dialog, great characterizations and a plot you can truly sink your teeth into. [1]
[A Failure to Communicate]: Originally published in the Hidden Secrets, Broken Hearts zine, this is pure Hutch. He over-thinks the situation and makes assumptions based on his own insecurities. It's been a common assumption in SH that Starsky was the one more likely to want kids. He mentioned it a few times in canon, the unattainable goal of a wife and a kid and a white picket fence. This also weighs heavily on Hutch's mind.

"You know, Starsk, you'd make a good father," he observed as he followed Starsky to the basketball court.

Starsky glanced back over his shoulder, his gaze once again tracking the long body, but this time pausing at the slim middle. "Something you need to tell me, Hutch?" he teased.

Maybe Starsky would make a great father. Maybe Hutch stole that dream away from him. Maybe Hutch was wrong to ever hope that he and Starsky could have a happy life together. Maybe Hutch thinks too much. It's often better to talk about things rather than letting them sit and grow larger in our worries. Hutch hasn't quite learned that yet, so things will get worse before they get better. [2]


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