Dedicated Hearts

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Title: Dedicated Hearts
Publisher: Lucy Doty
Editor(s): Lucy Doty
Date(s): May 2000
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover by Lorraine Brevig

Dedicated Hearts is a slash Sentinel anthology. The cover art is by Lorraine Brevig. Interior art by Lyn Townsend, Akablonded, Mark Allen and L.A. Adolf.

  • Tough Love by KAM 1
  • A Reason to Stay by Lyn Townshend (15)
  • When the Music Stops by Amanda Bradley (21)
  • Butterscotch by Akablonded (23)
  • Scent Memory by Amanda Bradley (34)
  • Never Before by Amanda Bradley (59)
  • Who Am I to Hold You? by Amanda Bradley (60)
  • Birthday by J.M. Griffin (61)
  • All You Need is Love by Shannon D. (65)
  • Not This Way by Amanda Bradley (81)
  • Lineage: Blair by Amanda Bradley (120)
  • Lineage: Jim by Amanda Bradley (121)
  • Perceptions by Debbie Trip (122)
  • Miracles by Amanda Bradley (150)
  • Vendetta by Amanda Bradley (151)