The Adventure of the Reichenbach Resurrection

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Title: The Adventure of the Reichenbach Resurrection
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Author(s): L.A. Adolf
Cover Artist(s): Lorraine Brevig
Illustrator(s): Lorraine Brevig, L.A. Adolf
Date(s): 2010
Medium: print
Size: full-size, 246 pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Language: English
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The Adventure of the Reichenbach Resurrection is a slash Sherlock Holmes 246 page novel by L.A. Adolf. It has a color cover and two interior pieces of (color) art by Lorraine Brevig and 5 pieces of black and white interior art by L.A. Adolf.

It collects all parts of the online finished serials "Fragility" and "Finality" into one edited volume, and takes up where the 2009 movie ends.

From the publisher: "Whilst Doctor John Watson settles into married life with his new wife, Mary, Sherlock Holmes continues his fight against Moriarty. Heartsick and broken from Watson's absence, Sherlock takes more and more risks that send him on a journey that will take a long time to come back from - if he can survive it."