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You may be looking for the Sentinel zine S/nergy.

Title: Synergy
Publisher: Light and Shadow Press
Date(s): 2001-2006
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Sentinel
Language: English
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cover issue #1, art by Barbara Nice-Miller

Synergy is a slash Sentinel anthology of fiction and art.

Issue 1

Synergy 1 has 175 pages and was published in May 2001. Cover artwork by Barbara Nice-Miller.

  • Sandburg We're Not In Shangri-La Anymore by Emrys (43 pages) (Travel along with Jim and Blair as they journey to the far reaches of Nepal in search of Naomi. Along the way, they uncover answers that will affect both their personal lives and their Sentinel/Guide bond.)
  • Things That Go Hump In The Night by Glow (5 pages) (What happens when Jim wakes up in the middle of the night with a raging hard-on that just won't be put off? Better yet, what happens to his innocent partner asleep beside him? One of Gloria's hottest. Love, lust and sex in the wee small hours of the morning.)
  • It's Not All Guns And Roses by Tiger Tyger (128 pages) (This novella length story is Tiger Tyger at her best. What happens when Sentinel and Guide form the ultimate bond and begin their lives together as partners in every sense of the word? Not an ordinary hum-drum existence, you can be sure. When fate - and a terrible fire - expand the Ellison/Sandburg household in ways they never dreamed possible, Jim and Blair deal head-on with issues of love, loyalty, friendship and family. Share their journey; get drawn in to their every day travails of work and family life; grow breathless from the loving demonstrations of their endless passion; revel in their unshakable bond of love.) (reprinted in Classic Tiger Tyger)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

As always the cover by Barb is beautiful. I just love when the spirit animals are included. I really love the way that you make it look almost 3-D. I love that effect. It works great. Great work, Barb, thank you very much.

Sandburg We're Not In Shargri-La Anymore By Emrys: First of all let me state that I normally hate any type of climbing stories. (It's an irrational fear of heights for me.) At any rate, I'm so very glad that I was not as close-minded as I could have been and have been in the past. (Thanks to Landis, who taught me that you can read a story about heights without actually falling yourself.) This is a wonderful, exciting story that I won't tell you much about because it would ruin it for you. Emrys very easily drew me into the story. Some writers are blessed and can make any story interesting. I felt this the moment I was pulled into the excitement, the tension, the drama, the sadness and joy. Did I mention the tons of hot sex in this story? Well I do need to mention it in passing if nothing else. Consider it mentioned. Where is that damn fan? Where is that damn hubby? Thanks Emrys. I truly enjoyed this story.

Things That Go 'Hump' In The Night By [Gloria R]: Jim wakes from an erotic dream and doesn't want to wake an exhausted Blair. He decides he might be able to just hump him without waking him up. I roared while I read this part. It was wonderful. You just have to read it. Then finally Blair speaks, the little shit was awake, the whole time. He tells Jim to just take what was his. Jim does just that. Glo, this is one hot damn story. I had a blast as usual. Thank you, very much. PS: Did I mention it was too short? Okay, it's mentioned, I hope you learned a lesson and will give me longer ones from here on in. Now go, write, create and make them long. (Get your mind out of that gutter woman.)

It's Not All Guns and Roses By Tiger Tyger: Jim saves a little four-year-old girl and they become very attached. She won't go with anyone else but Jim. He loves this child. In saving the child, he is hurt and I won't say anymore about that, because it would ruin the story for you. While Jim is healing Blair contacts everyone and they see about Angel coming to live with them. The State decides that it might work for a temporary solution. Jim and Blair want more, but will start here. The Case Worker knows about their relationship and is all right with that. Especially when she sees how well they do with the child. She really is a sweet child; you'll love her after about ten pages. I know that I was completely hooked. At this point, I was on page 64 of the story and the last line on that page had me sobbing. (Damn you Tyger, I will get you for this.) Tiger takes you to a life with Jim and Blair like you've never read or maybe even thought about them being in before. And someone else comes into the story later on, and joins the little family, making their lives even more complete. This is a story of wonder, love, lust, friendship, family and children. Every word of it will keep you going until the very end. I was seriously disappointed at the end, though. I could have read about 300 more pages at least. (Are you listening, Tyger?) No matter who you are, you're going to find something in this story that will make you feel. And that's what most important about reading to me. I need to feel something for the characters, for the story, for myself. And I honestly don't think anyone could read this and not feel. Tyger, you always make me feel and for this, I thank you.

Now I just need to save up for the second and third one. Woo Hoo. I can't wait. [1]
Sandburg, We're Not in Shangri-la Anymore by Emrys The author does a fantastic job describing the cruel conditions during a treking tour through the Himalaya - Jim and Blair, already lovers, rush to Nepal when Naomi's plane crashes and she is reported missing. Together they make it to the crash site, Sentinel senses being a big help in detecting the plane wreck despite horrible weather conditions and illnesses. Very well done! They do find the body... but there is no rescue and whatever happened to a second passenger is never disclosed (even though there's an editor's note still in my copy of the zine, asking: insert line about second passenger.) Therefore the story left me wanting more, not necessarily a bad thing; Yet I had hoped for a sequel...

Things That Go Hump in the Night by [Gloria R]: short but VERY very hot hot story - a real gem!! (did I tell you it's a HOT story???) About a horny Sentinel and a teasing guide. It's a PWP but it's extremely well written and definitely a keeper!

It's Not All Guns and Roses by Tiger Tyger: It's the biggest story, more than 120 pages long. Well, I am having problems with this story. An explanation: I am not into kid's stories. I manage to read and like Aly's Jake-zines because it's Blair who, when moved out, finds the boy and connects with him. In this story it's Jim who rescues a four year old girl from a fire. And immediately connects because - the child turns out to be a guide. He applies for custody and they live happily ever after. And if that ain't enough: In the course of a terrible child-abuse case Jim turns out to be the one a twelve year old boy trusts. So that kid joins the happy family. There's the brief mention of some counseling, but when the rich father (who's also the abuser) of the boy, tries to reclaim the child, using his divorced druggie-wife, the whole Ellison-bunch is standing together as one. Sigh. [2]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, art by Larrkin

Synergy 2 was published in 2001 and has 130 pages.

  • Backfire by Tiger Tyger (30 pages) (What happens when a possessive Sentinel hatches a "sure-fire" plot to hold on to his Guide? The title of this fiery HOT story by Tiger Tyger should give you a good indication. Detective Ellison gets way more than he bargained for when he devises a more "hands-on" approach to keeping his partner by his side.)
  • Primal Submission by XFreak (8 pages) (Teasing Blair... hungry, horny Jim... and a wild playtime romp which commences when Blair dares to entice the 'Panther' out of its hiding place.)
  • Strong Enough by Glow (91 Pages) (The pheromone issue rears again for the Sentinel in a way that could destroy all that he holds dear. Follow along the gut-wrenching path as the lovers struggle tenaciously to stay together when everything seems stacked to tear them apart. In a society geared towards the 'disposable' - if it breaks down, just replace it - can Jim and Blair hold on when confronted with a situation that holds no easy fixes?)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Gloria's "Strong Enough" in Synergy 2.: My original comment was: pg 39 - 130, "Strong Enough" by [Gloria R] It's hard to tell skimming a long story, but it appears Jim and Blair had sex, then Jim regrets it or has problems with it. But they are together (like *that* <G>) at the end.: Well.. after finishing it. All I can say is: ouch! I wasn't even close.... Blair has long since discovered Jim's problem with pheromones. Looks like about all Jim's, er, indiscretions - including Alex - are the result of Jim not being able to fight the pheromone attraction. Apparently the harder he tries, the more the pull. The story starts out as an established couple. Jim has gone to a conference and has once again fallen victim to the pheromone thing and has sex with a man. Blair is unable to deal with his feelings, or to even know *what* to feel about what Jim has done. So, things are really strained between the guys. Blair decides to go on a date but can't get it up. Jim confronts him when Blair returns and Blair confesses he was on a date but didn't have sex, though they made out. Then Blair goes, well, crazy for lack of a better word, and forces (not physically, of course, but Jim is pretty much destroyed by current events and feels unable to not let Blair do what he wants) Jim into some pretty rough sex, including biting to the point of drawing blood and anal tearing. (That's a warning I feel compelled to make because angry!sex is a squick of mine that maybe others share..) Jim and Blair are still together at the end, having decided to try and work through and deal with this and any future pheromone problems as they, pardon the pun, arise. [3]
The gorgeous color cover is done by Larrkin. Where in the world was the drool alert? It really needs one. Oh Larrkin, you'll be pleased to know it totally disgusted my hubby. He asked if he was going to have to look at Jim's ass for months, like he did with the Primal Instinct ones. (He's such a whiner, but he's cute. So I keep him around.)

You all have to see this cover; it's just beautiful. You not only get a nekkid Jim and Blair but you also get the beautiful scenery. Fantastic job, girl.

Page 67: This is a beautiful black and white piece also done by Larrkin. It shows Blair sitting up on the bed in the upper half and Jim lying on the sofa on the lower half. You have to see it to understand how lovely it is. It's so sad. I'm totally in love with this one.

Backfire By Tiger Tyger: B/f warning. Blair is getting very serious with a girl named Leslie. Lovely name, but not a lovely girl. In fact, I truly hated her. (Thanks so much, Tiger.) She was a true bitch. And Tiger painted her so well that you easily believe the story. We might have felt sorry for her in another universe. But not in the Jim and Blair universe. Jim goes and woo's Blair and takes him away from Leslie. But there is always something sad there. I adore the sad and insecure Jim stories. And as usual, Tiger totally rocks with this one. Well needless to say it's a great story, an easy read and sexy as all get out. Get those fans out girls. The only thing I have a complaint about is that it wasn't about 30 pages more. She never listens to me. <g> Thank you bunches, Tiger. Everyone is going to love this.

Primal Submission By Xfreak: This is a totally primal story. Jim's more animal side comes out and Blair helps him use it. Blair wants Jim to be rougher and go crazy. Jim's afraid to. So Blair must show him the way. Turns out Blair loves Primal Jim and Xfreak has written this so hot, I needed a fan to cool down. She lets us read what Jim thinks about all of it and I found it fascinating. His major concern was if he would hurt Blair, if he let go of his control. And Blair wants it so badly he pushes him as far as he can. This is a totally fun read. Give and take like you've never read. One complaint, J. Why wasn't it longer? Geeze you big ole meanie. Thank you so much, darlin. It was great. [4]
Backfire by Tiger Tyger: What would the Sentinel do if Blair was falling in love with a woman and that infatuation could turn into something serious? That's the premise and TT does a terrific job of writing a perfect first time story in which Jim is trying everything in his power (and that's a lot) to keep Blair happy as soon as he has him in his bed! It takes the observer a little while to find out why pod-person Jim acts that way - then there's wonderful payback... A beautiful, very sexy story!

Primal Submission by Xfreak: A (too short - drool) story about primal Jim letting loose in order to please his guide, until the kitty is tamed. Okay, I love that kind of story and it's really very well written, the characters in synch with dialogue and actions. Shoo, go read!

Strong Enough by [Gloria R]: The story is loosely based on and wound around the song "Are You Strong Enough to Be My Man". (That should have warned me, but...) It's about partner betrayal! Jim's off to a conference with Rafe and on their last day there the Sentinel, under the influence of evil pheromones, fucks a bellboy that had been drooling over him for days. He immediately confesses to Blair when arriving at home and the rest of the 70 pages story is how Blair copes with his hurt (and yes, he too goes on a date), telling Megan all about Jim's unfaithfulness, then finally rationalizing it - but not after he more or less rapes "his" Jim, leaving him torn and bleeding after a heavy session of so called "lovemaking", until he comes to terms with the fact that sometimes pheromones are bound to lead the Sentinel astray. It ends with both men bantering as if nothing had happened. [5]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, art Barbara Nice-Miller

Synergy 3 was published in 2001 and has 189 pages.

  • Separation Anxiety by Emrys (When Blair is given an opportunity to study Aboriginal tribesmen in Australia, he is torn between the need to go in order to maintain his career as a Doctor of Anthropology at Rainier . . . and his trepidation at leaving his Sentinel's side for such an extended period of time. Jim, however, is insistent that Blair not turn down this opportunity, forcing them to confront the as yet unknown effects such a prolonged separation between Sentinel and Guide could have on them. This is a wonderful story by Emrys, dealing with the impact of the difficult separation and the discoveries both Jim and Blair make about themselves, their partnership, and each other during their time apart.) (1)
  • Danger & Daffodils by Tiger Tyger (This story is a chapter in the popular "Guns & Roses" universe (first introduced in Synergy 1). Angel and Paulie are settling in with their foster-parents, and Blair decides that it's time to find a bigger home. Along the way, Jim builds and develops his relationship with his brother, and finally takes down Angel's murderous father. This story is filled with the love, joy, drama, humor, intensity and heat that has come to define this universe.) (58) (reprinted in Classic Tiger Tyger)
  • Missing Pieces by Glow (This is an absorbing story that begins where the episode "Remembrance" left off. It becomes increasingly apparent to Blair that Jim's relationship with his father is more troubled than he originally thought. When Jim's emotional distress continues long after the Foster case is closed, Blair is determined to find out why. What he learns when he unlocks some of the secrets of Jim's past sends them both on a cathartic journey as they work to come to terms with the 'missing pieces' of Jim's life together.) (126)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Hi, just wanted to give you all a heads up on a wonderful new TS slash 'zine, Synergy 3. I got one and two at MediaWest and *still* haven't read them, dang it. At the time I just hadn't been in the mood for long stories (1 and 2 each contain two long stories and one short story) and then I forgot I had them until recently. Uh, anyway.... Anyone who has read any posts from me probably knows I spoil. A lot! That's a warning!

So this 'zine contains three stories. Separation Anxiety by Emrys pages 1 - 57, Danger and Daffodils by Tiger Tyger pages 58 - 125 and Missing Pieces by Gloria Ruggeri pages 126 - 189.

I haven't read Danger and Daffodils yet, because I left my house intending to go elsewhere to sit and read it and discovered it's a followup to "It's Not All Guns and Roses" which is in Synergy 1. I tried to read it anyway, but it didn't work; one needs too much background from the first story apparently. BTW, I read enough to know I really look forward to it! Jim and Blair are fostering a couple of kids and the girl is a guide. Don't know about the boy.

But even without having read that story I'm wholeheartedly recommending the 'zine. It would have been worth my money just for the other two!

Missing Pieces is a wonderful Jim!angst, first-time story. It takes place immediately after Remembrance and deals with Jim coming to terms with his father and the way he made him feel about his senses (and other things) as a child and young man.

Separation Anxiety is also a first time story. It's also a separation story. I've noted that some people like to know that as kind of a warning, so I'm telling you! <G> However, it's not painful; they aren't mad at each other or kidnapped. This takes place after SenToo,part2. Blair has to make the painful decision to go on an expedition in order to insure his future position at Rainier. Just so you'll know, if separation is a big deal for you, it lasts from the end of page 25 to the end of page 46 (in their time: 6 months). I'm not a big separation story fan myself, but I found this one very painless (for me, but poor ol' Jim....!). Plus it was very interesting to read how the author interpreted a Sentinel/Guide Jim/Blair separation.

The color cover illo is from Barbara Nice-Miller; a composite of two screen grabs, a panther and a wolf. A pencil sketch from Larrkin, which is very, very nice, graces the interior. [6]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, art by Larrkin

Synergy 4 was published in May 2002 and has 178 pages.

  • Mortgages & Mudpies by Tiger Tyger (50 pages) (The holidays bring conflict, adjustment, heartache, discovery and joy for the newly established Ellison-Sandburg family. With this third story in the Guns and Roses universe, Tiger Tyger spins yet another engrossing emotional journey rife with rich characterizations and compelling situations. Jim and Blair face not only the first Christmas with their new family, but also deal with the complications of illness and strained family ties as an unexpected guest shows up for the holidays.) (reprinted in Classic Tiger Tyger)
  • Back Alley Blair by Emrys (14 pages) (In this steamy AU, grad student-and part time 'Rent Boy'-Blair Sandburg gets more than he bargained for in the alley one damp, dark night when a mysterious stranger crosses his path, bringing both danger and desire into Blair's world. Sandburg must decide whether to risk himself to help the endangered detective, a decision made more difficult by the inexplicable, yet undeniable attraction he feels towards this man he's just met.)
  • At the Pleasure of the President by Tiger Tyger ( 68 pages) (President Jed Bartlett's daughter has been kidnapped, a turn of events that lands the Sentinel and his partner smack in the center of the West Wing. Though their unique talents and abilities are needed in the search for the missing girl, Ellison is reluctant to help, fearful of what will happen to him and Blair if their secret garners too much attention from the government and feds alike. This crossover story introduces the Cascade detectives to the characters inhabiting the world of The West Wing.)
  • Seasons Change by Glow (43 pages) (It is a week after the events of The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg and Blair is in his office at the university packing up his belongings. In actuality, he's having a great deal of difficulty packing. He finds himself searching for the cause, which leads Blair on journey of introspection and self-discovery as he contemplates his life, his future and his relationship with Jim. This emotionally charged story explores the history shared between Sentinel and Guide as they stand perched on the crossroads of an uncertain future. Gloria has done an outstanding job of using Blair's office as a focus to highlight their relationship and how it began.)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, art by Agt Spooky

Synergy 5 was published in 2002 and has 150 pages. Cover by Agt Spooky

  • There is Only Music by Anne Light (58 pages) (The Sentinel is forced to deal with yet another unsettling byproduct of his heightened senses, a phenomenon termed 'synesthesia'. Jim is surprised to come home one night and catch his roommate in a sexual act. He is even more troubled by his reaction—a sensory response that leaves him feeling as though he were the one in bed with Blair. Jim's plight grows more difficult by the day as the strain of suppressing both his sensory spikes and his deep-seated feelings for his partner leave him spiraling on the edge of control.)
  • Waiting Room Redux by Kath Moonshine (13 pages) (A glimpse into the pages of Blair Sandburg's private journal will shed new light on the episode "The Waiting Room". Through Blair's own words, a new understanding is garnered about the impact the paranormal meeting with Molly Charles had on the relationship between the Sentinel and his Guide.)
  • None So Blind by Emrys (64 pages) (The episode "Golden" only told half the story. Emrys' glimpse inside the minds and hearts of Ellison and Sandburg as they grapple with the life-altering events of this case-gone-wrong are not to be missed. Experience the frustration and terror of a Sentinel robbed of one of his senses. Follow the efforts of his Guide to help, efforts soon thwarted by Blair's own chilling exposure to the drug. Witness the deepening of the relationship that they both come to depend on to see them through this harrowing time.)
  • Going to the Chapel by Glow (54 pages) (There's no situation so bad that it can't get worse. That's the lesson Jim and Blair learn as they make the decision to have a small, quiet ceremony to symbolize their commitment to each other. As the date draws near and more and more people offer their unsolicited 'help', the big event snowballs into something more akin to a circus act than a wedding.)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

I have to admit to a certain weakness for stories that show Jim at the mercy of his senses — at least when they're done well — and this one has an intriguing premise that's played out nicely. Jim's subtle sense of humor and his growing confusion and pain come through loud and clear, and Blair is very believable in full-out protective mode. [7]

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, art by Agt Spooky

Synergy 6 was published in November 2002 and has 203 pages.

  • After Effect by Shadowfax (17 pages) (Set in the aftermath of the episode “Secret,” Jim and Blair deal with their reactions to recent events and Jim’s brush with death. In order to alleviate the stress and tension both are feeling, they decide to embark on the camping trip that was abruptly cancelled when Jim was kidnapped. Alone in the woods, they find time to explore their feelings about the events—and each other—as their partnership takes an unexpected turn.)
  • You Don't Know by Ami (3 pages) (Jim's watching Blair sleep, thinking about how much he enjoys his lover in so many ways and how dear Blair is to him.)
  • All Bets Are Off by Glow (9 pages) (A simple bet causes all kinds of upheaval in the Ellison-Sandburg house, especially when Jim refuses to pay up. A crisp, humorous repartee is exchanged as each argues their point strenuously . . . until Sandburg devises a cunning strategy to get what's coming to him. And that's only the beginning! This story moves smoothly from humor to heat to heartfelt revelations. What begins as a simple dispute leads to a new level of intimacy between these tender lovers as they explore the boundaries of their trust.)
  • Boys and Blizzards by Tiger Tyger (59 pages) (For those waiting anxiously for the next installment in the "Guns & Roses" universe, wait no longer. In this fourth story in the series, Tiger Tyger maintains the level of humor, familial love, angst, tenderness and passion that have made these stories such a delight. Devoted parents Jim and Blair continue to deal with the demands of their harried household and hectic careers. A difficult case lands a new face at their already crowded dinner table, upsetting the delicate balance of their emotionally complex foster kids as well as stirring up more questions regarding the existence of Sentinels. Despite the influx of fresh problems (a close call for Blair sends Jim and the kids reeling) and challenges (the 'question' comes up and Jim and Blair are left to explain their 'differences' to the kids), our guys still manage to find time for each other. These lovers know how to set the bed sheets — and even the work benches — on fire.) (reprinted in Classic Tiger Tyger)
  • And I Would Be the One by Emrys (114 pages) (...tale begins in Peru and follows Jim through his days with the Chopec. When he returns to Cascade, the Sentinel has no memory of his time spent there. Over the course of the following years — and spanning the critical events of major episodes — Jim slowly begins to regain his memories and become more in tune with his Sentinel abilities. Blair is beside him every step of the way and as the bond between Sentinel and Guide deepens, so do Jim's feelings for Blair. Are these feelings predetermined for the Sentinel? Should he continue to fight what may well be an inevitable aspect of his Sentinel disposition, this link to his Guide? Jim's struggles with his innermost self lead to newfound discoveries and bring him closer and closer to the man who holds his heart.)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, art by Agt Spooky

Synergy 7 was published in 2004 and has 171 pages. Color cover by Agt Spooky with interior black and white illustrations by Lorraine Brevig.

  • Spirit's Gift by Emrys (In this A/U story, Jim Ellison left the Army an angry man betrayed by both family and country, victim of senses he cannot control. Since his discharge, he's lived alone in the mountains of Cascade, his only companion his faithful dog, Spirit. The solitude of his existence is broken the day Spirit finds a certain curly-haired stranger that has been beaten and left for dead floating down the river. Jim determines he must help the injured man—but how much use can Jim be to Blair when his own mental health issues remain unresolved? Making matters more difficult, the stranger has a disconcerting affect on Ellison's unruly senses.)
  • Phoenix by Tiger Tyger (A devastating event changes the lives of Jim and Blair forever. The aftermath of the trauma slowly unfolds in both narrative and explosive glimpses between the pages of both men's journals. Can Jim Ellison rise like the Phoenix and rebuild his life from the ashes of what remains after unscrupulous villains get their hands on a modern day Sentinel? Will Blair find what it takes inside himself to be the Guide he needs to be in the midst of harrowing obstacles? Tiger Tyger's riveting, compelling story challenges our heroes to the max.)
  • The Honeymoon's Over by Glow (This sequel to "Going to the Chapel" (Synergy 5) shows Jim and Blair in all their established relationship glory. Now married, Jim and Blair share a hot sexy honeymoon in their Anguilla paradise. But all good things must come to an end—sometimes painfully so. Blair's intense fear of flying leads to an unfortunate mishap that turns Jim Ellison into Ironside. Being a newlywed in a wheelchair is bad enough, but Ellison is also a private detective with a full caseload to contend with. Join in the hilarity as the rolling Sentinel juggles bad guys, their irrepressible housemate Steve and a goat named George.)

Issue 8

cover of issue #8

Synergy 8 was published in May 2005 and has 158 pages.

  • The Honeymoon's Over by Glow
  • Bullets and Babies by Tiger Tyger (reprinted in Classic Tiger Tyger)
  • For Better, For Worse by Glow

Issue 9

cover of issue #9, art by Lorraine Brevig

Synergy 9 was published in May 2006 and has 131 pages. The cover is by Lorraine Brevig.

The editorial:

Hi and welcome to Synergy 9! Synergy 9! Have we reolly done nine of these things? And you still want more? Wow.

While it's never been a measure of sanity, producing zines has always been a labor of love. There would be no Light Shadow.. . and therefore, no hot romantic Light & Shadow zines. . . if not for the generous, devoted efforts of those closest to our hearts. Emrys and Moonshine, you ore always there when needed, part of the team, the cogs that make things run. Writing, editing, toting, driving, packing, mailing, researching... you do it all and more, with smiles and loving hearts.

We'd like to thank our talented artist friend, Lorraine Brevig, for creating the gorgeous cover you feasted your eyes upon if you are holding this zine. Aside from being the sweetest lady you could ever find, this woman's talents know no bounds. We are honored to be allowed to showcase her exquisite work.

A special welcome to KAM, whose work is debuting in this issue. She is a great writer and so pleasant and accommodating to work with. We know you'll enjoy her tender tale, hopefully the first of many contributions to Synergy, as we very much want to work with her again.

Thank you to all the fans who have loyally supported Synergy all these years. You make the hard work, sleepless nights and empty pockets worthwhile.

And lastly, as always, we thank each other. Our own synergy has stayed strong through it all, a light for us both to follow through the shadows.


Tiger Tyger A Slow
  • How Blair Enticed Jim to Fix Up a Cabin in the Deep Woods by Emrys (Jim's senses are slowly breaking down and it's up to his Guide to figure out why. The Sentinel is none-too-pleased with Blair's conclusion, though he follows his lover into the deep woods nonetheless. There, Sentinel and Guide work together to restore that which Jim has lost. At the same time, they need to heal the growing rift between them as Jim struggles to forgive Blair for what the Sentinel sees as a breach of his trust. Part one of what Emrys entitles "The How Series", this story is filled with passion, humor, and love. Come into the woods with Jim and Blair and see what happens when a Sentinel is returned to his natural habitat.) (1)
  • Why by KAM (Jim is seriously wounded in a shoot-out at a convenience store. As Blair waits vigil at his hospital bedside, events that led them up to this place in time unfold through his troubled mind. There is an important question he never had the chance to answer for Jim . . . and now it may well be too late. KAM, an author new to Synergy, has woven a gripping, heartfelt tale of love that progresses across two timelines until finally meeting at the crucial juncture. Will Blair lose Jim before he ever gets a chance to right things between them?) (26)
  • Three-For-All by Glow (also in Bound and Determined and published as a standalone zine, Three for All) (It's Blair's big night after receiving his first commendation by the police department. The celebration leads to one of their special trysts, something they don't partake in often, but when they do...the sparks fly. A sexy, erotic story of passion between three lusty men, "Three-For-All" is also a rich, psychological study of what makes Jim Ellison tick. Only those closest to him, who love him unconditionally, can be trusted with the deepest aspects of Jim. In the tender, generous, loving arms of both Blair and Simon, Jim is granted the freedom to soar.) (43)
  • Guardians and Guinea Pigs by Tiger Tyger (Another typical day in the Ellison-Sandburg home. In this sixth installment of the widely popular "Guns & Roses" series, Tiger Tyger brings all the humor, drama, family angst, and everyday reality that we've come to expect from these stories. In this go-round, the family contends with Jim and Blair's extended absence due to a sensitive case, Justin's growing dissatisfaction with his living arrangement, and Paulie's burgeoning animal collection. But as always, the deep, abiding love that characterizes this family sees them through their trials and tribulations.) (104)


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