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For the Professionals zine see Close Quarters (Professionals zine).

Name: Close Quarters
Dates: 2007, 2009
Frequency: every other year
Location: Baltimore area, Maryland, United States
Type: fan con/slash con
Focus: The Professionals
Founder: Justacat
Founding Date: 2007

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A fan convention focusing on The Professionals first held July 2007. The second Close Quarters was held July 17-19, 2009, in Laurel, Maryland.

The 2007 convention featured panels, fanart, dealers of new and second-hand Professionals merchandise, games, a vid show, screening of favorite episodes, and much discussion about The Professionals. Con organizer Justacat and her "minions" created registration gift packs filled with Pros goodies. A new Professionals zine, Never Far Apart, premiered at the con. The central con room was continually filled with food of all kinds and enthusiastic talk about hard-to-find zines, BNFs, plot bunnies, favorite stories, and much more. Although most of the participants were longtime fans of The Professionals, several con goers were relatively new to the fandom and at least one person had never seen an episode of the show before. The fan travelling the longest distance for the con came from Australia.