Rhapsody (Starsky and Hutch zine)

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Title: Rhapsody
Publisher: BlackJag Publishing
Author(s): Candy Apple
Cover Artist(s): Lorraine Brevig
Illustrator(s): Lorraine Brevig
Date(s): May 2004
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
External Links: BlackJag Zines, Archived version
RHAPSODY, Archived version
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cover by Lorraine Brevig

Rhapsody is a slash 103-page Starsky and Hutch novel by Candy Apple. The front cover is by Lorraine Brevig as is the inside art. The cover design is by Kandace Klumper and zine layout is by D.L. Witherspoon.

This is an AU story. Hutch is a famous concert pianist, Starsky his new head-of-security. Together they try to figure out who is trying to kill Hutch.


This zine was also available as a CD, which makes it an early example of this form of technology regarding fanfiction: "Buried Secrets on CD. Self-contained HTML-based .exe and Palm OS .pdb file. Rocket eBook .rb upon request. Want multiple zines on one CD? Find out how." [1]

Interior Sample

Reactions and Reviews


I hope all of the S&H fans are enjoying our ride through June! On deck this time is a charming AU story with all the bones of a good case story. Hutch is a famous concert pianist with what seems to be an enviable life - talent, acclaim, money, a beautiful fiancee. But, he also occupies an isolated and lonely world. Oh - and someone is trying to kill him. Starsky, an ex-police detective with an interesting life story and his own share of demon-battling, enters the picture as Hutch's head of security. From the start, the guys notice a special spark in one another - developing their unique partnership based on trust and respect and friendship. Candy Apple writes a compelling story and a wonderful characterization of the boys. Their lives are different here, but they are unequivocally recognizable. Their friendship/relationship is a joy to read, and the case story elements are well plotted and executed. [2]


I usually don't like AU stories, but this one was just fantastic. Still had the boys, even though they didn't know each other, end up as partners. Still all the bantering and playfulness. Thanks for sharing! [3]


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