D.L. Witherspoon

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Name: D.L. Witherspoon
Type: fanwriter, zine editor
Fandoms: The Sentinel, Highlander, La Femme Nikita
Other: Skeeter Press
URL: TVLit 101 (website), LJ
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D.L. Witherspoon writes gen fanfic, mostly Sentinel (first story posted in October 1997), and is also part of Skeeter Press together with Susan L. Williams and Kandace Klumper.


Fan Comments

When I stumbled upon DL's work, I ended up reading her entire website in two days' time. She has got to be one of the most incredible TS writers in the fandom. She throws in humor when you least expects it. Her plot lines are well researched, and her original characters are completely believable. Jim is protective and mischievous. Blair is wise and fun. And literally, when I say "all categories," it's true. She covers the gauntlet of genres with beautifully written stories. (sigh) Great work. [1]
Amazing. Simply amazing. I am an absolute fanfiction freak, but I have to say that "the professor's" stories are among the most intelligently and well-thought out works of fiction I have ever seen. Some of the things she has coming out of these characters mouths are so insightful that I have to believe that she takes her time with every word she puts to paper! Great examples of this are debates sparked between Jim and Blair during the Family series, the references to Dante in Inferno, and the absolutely hilarious conversation of movie metaphors between Jim and Mulder in the XF/TS crossover Circle. Just pick any of her pieces for an excellent read - you can't go wrong! [2]



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