Deep Cover

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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: Deep Cover
Author(s): D.L. Witherspoon
Date(s): 1998
Genre: gen
Fandom: The Sentinel
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Deep Cover is a Sentinel story by D.L. Witherspoon.

Author's Notes

"Let's see. This story has just about everything: corrupt cops, calculating politicians, murder, blackmail, drug deals, men lusting after Blair, men lusting after Jim (this is NOT Slash, trust me), a pinch of h/c, and a smidgeon of smarm. Definitely a full plate."

Reactions and Reviews

Officially, this is a gen story, but it's ambiguity and quiet slashiness pleases me no end. Jim and Blair are undercover, helping the feds by posing as a gay couple in the fictional Oregon city of Seacoast. It's a great case and action story with a healthy dose of smarm; I particularly love Jim's protective instincts kicking in when the bad guys threaten Blair (as they do from time to time)... I like to read it with my rosy-pink slash goggles firmly in place, but however you take it, it's a rollicking good read.[1]
This story is classic D.L. Witherspoon; Saint Jim, steadfast Blair. It makes me think of that song by the Carpenters, that went:
Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time, you are near?
Just like me, they long to be, close to you
Why do stars fall down from the sky
Every time, you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be, close to you
Okay, so it's too good to be true; sometimes one needs that. It's a nice thing to relax into; no worries about reading things I wouldn't want to remember, something to enjoy, steadfast, loyal, true. Something encouraging. So read it.[2]


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