All My Roads

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Title: All My Roads
Publisher: AMC Press, then Requiem Publications
Author(s): Candy Apple
Cover Artist(s): TACS
Illustrator(s): TACS
Date(s): 25 July 1999 (online), March 2000 (print)
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover by TACS

All My Roads is a 206-page slash Sentinel novel by Candy Apple. The cover and interior art is by TACS.

It is part of the Best of the Net series.

It was first published in 2000 by AMC Press. In 2018, it was reissued in print and PDF by Requiem Publications.


Blair struggles to find the right path for his professional life, and both men face challenges in their life after the press conference in “The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.” They leave Cascade, and end up in Maine, where a murder case is only one of many obstacles. [1]

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

[print zine]: As always, Candy's story in 'zine format combined with TACS creative art is a wonderful addition to any 'zine collection. I've read my copy three times. It's a wonderful first-time love story. Whenever I'm feeling blue, for some reason this 'zine always makes me happy! [2]


[online version]: This is one of the best relationship stories ever written; a long, slow stumbling towards healing. After the dissertation mess destroys Blair's career and his life, Jim gives up being a cop to help Blair run a bed and breakfast while Blair gets himself together again. What's amazing here is the realistic balancing that couples do, taking turns putting their own needs on hold for the other, getting annoyed about who has to do chores, trying this or that until they dig themselves out of trouble again. The story is in multiple parts and is the fourth one down on the page. [3]
[online version]: It's so nice to be reminded of some of the 'older' fics like this... I love a good long read, and I'd forgotten all about this one. Thanks! [4]


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