Cascade Virtual Tales by Black Panther Productions

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Name: Cascade Virtual Tales by Black Panther Productions
Dates: 1999-2002
Type: Virtual Season
Fandom: The Sentinel
URL: online here, Archived version
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The Cascade Virtual Tales by Black Panther Productions is a gen fan fiction virtual season that picks up after the ending of the 3rd season where the aired version of the Sentinel ended.

Each season was divided into 'aired episodes' with authors posting their fan fiction and art according to a fictional broadcast schedule.

Other Sentinel Virtual Seasons

The show has six, the most of any other fandom.




Producers, editors, writers, jingle writers, and the technical support team are listed here, Archived version. They included: Cindy Combs, Wolfpup, Shallan, Robin, Hephaistos, Crowswork, TAE, Tapu, and KimberlyFDR.


See a complete list of guidelines here, Archived version.

Some include: no Mary Sues or crossovers, keep smarm to a minimum, main characters may not have any life-illnesses that take more than three weeks to recover from, and shows must have permission to use characters from fanon.

The Episodes

Fifth Season here, Archived version.

  • CVT501-10/11/99 Shallan It's Not Just Academic (While attending the police academy, Blair stumbles upon a secret that could destroy his plans to become a detective and maybe even get him killed.)
  • CVT502-10/18/99 Emerald NOW He's A COP (Blair makes his first solo arrest when a bumbling bank robber stumbles into his path. Things take a serious turn when the man's brother comes to town, bent on revenge.)
  • CVT503-10/25/99 Cindy Arts And Crimes (It should have been an easy assignment but an art festival, obnoxious artists and a hostage situation keep Ellison and Sandburg on their toes. Too busy to notice the threat that lurks in the shadows...watching and waiting.)
  • CVT504-11/01/99 Paula Something Wicked This Way Comes (Trick or treat! A serial killer is stalking the female students of Cascade. Or is he?)
  • CVT505-11/08/99 Kelly Family Ties (When a runaway is witness to a murder and escapes police protection, Jim and Blair must find him before the killer does. Meanwhile, skeletons from Rafe's past come a'knocking.)
  • CVT506-11/15/99 TAE Never Give Up (The smell of C4...a timer counting down...the click as the detonator is activated. All the Sentinel has time to shout is a quick warning. BOMB!)
  • CVT507-12/06/99 Carolyn Golden Echoes (A new drug ring in Cascade and an attack on one of their own bring back haunting memories for the crew at Major Crime. They race to bring down the ring while dealing with emotions they thought they had all put behind them.)
  • CVT508-12/13/99 Emerald Hide And Seek (A lost child interrupts Sandburg and Ellison's vacation, but the search becomes more complicated as mysterious forces intervene.)

Sixth Season here, Archived version.

  • CVT601-10/16/00 Paula & Robin Revenge Is A Wild Kind Of Justice (Ellison and Sandburg learn that there is nothing sweet about revenge.)
  • CVT602-10/23/00 Cindy Brother Born For Adversity (When Jim's brother Steven is being stalked by an unknown person, Jim turns decidedly 'Old Testament'.)
  • CVT603-10/30/00 TAE Sideshow Freak (Blair is quite pleased when Jim agrees to a trip to a small visiting Russian circus. Simon, Daryl, and Megan join in the fun, only to arrive at the fairgrounds to a grizzly murder and a missing trained bear.)
  • CVT604-11/06/00 Trish Hook Shot (Major Crimes is tracking down a violent murderer. Blair is balancing working the case along with helping Orvelle Wallace coach a boys basketball team.)
  • CVT605-11/13/00 TAE Talent Show (When the members of Major Crime get tagged for their turn as the PD's 'Martyrs for Charity' at the annual 'Cascade for Charity Night' they have barely four weeks to come up with something to entertain the crowd. Four weeks which include a series of bomb threats and arsons directed at minority owned businesses, which began when the new Captain of the Bomb Squad arrived.)
  • CVT606-11/20/00 Lori Unsuitable (William Ellison is on the rampage because Steven has a new girlfriend who is wholly unsuitable. But is William's anger really directed at Steven—or himself?)
  • CVT607-12/04/00 Emerald Sins of the Father, Sins of the Son (The latest bombings in Cascade remain unsolved as the members of Major Crime continue to dig for answers. Will their investigation uncover a link to an old nemesis or tear apart the Bomb Squad?)
  • CVT608-12/11/00 Katie Double Jeopardy (An unidentified body and a plea for help from an old friend lead Jim and Blair into danger.)

Seventh Season here, Archived version.

  • CVT-701-05/06/02 Shallan New Orleans Ordeal (It was supposed to be a simple, easy trip to attend a week long seminar in a beautiful city on the Gulf. As usual, nothing is ever simple or easy for the team of Ellison and Sandburg.)
  • CVT-702-05/13/02 Kelly Meding Merry (Jim and Blair stop in Backstone, Louisiana, on the same day a local woman goes missing. Helping out with the case embroils them in a twenty-five year old murder directly linked to the mysterious Merry Derkins.)
  • CVT-703-05/20/02 TAE It Runs In The Family (Jim has to hand over a kidnapping case to Joel and Megan because he can't remain impartial. The victim is his father, William.)
  • CVT-704-05/27/02 Lori Wright Mallei (A mysterious disease is sweeping through the Thoughbreds housed at the Cascade race track. Jim and Blair do their best, but when Little Stogie and then Simon get sick with it, time becomes a commodity they don't have enough of.)
  • CVT-705-06/03/02 Virginia Connections (While Blair is on loan to another police department to help with a smuggling case, Jim finds himself investigating a murder and trying to get used to his temporary partner. However, seemingly unrelated cases have a way of coming together.)
  • CVT-706-06/10/02 Evermore A Priori (It's a busy week for Cascade PD and the situation in Major Crime goes from bad to worse when Simon Banks vanishes without a trace. Or so it seems. Joseph LaCasse has returned for revenge, and he's playing a dangerous game. This is hide and seek ... for life and death stakes!)
  • CVT-707-06/17/02 Trishbsc Into The Woods (Jim and Blair try yet again for a nice quiet fishing trip into the woods. However, they forget that Murphy's Law applies even on vacation as they uncover an illegal dumping operation which is destroying the ecology.)
  • CVT-708-07/01/02 Crowswork Whatever Remains (Someone has built a perfect and elaborate frame around Jim and Blair, forcing them to go on the run. With their comrades hunting them and death as their only destination, the fugitives are forced to take a very desparate measure.)
  • CVT-709-07/08/02 Emerald Walk A Mile In My Shoes (An armed robber hits Cascade, and even the Sentinel and Guide can't believe the face they see.)
  • CVT-710-08/05/02 Carolyn Claire Politically Correct (A serial killer who targets Cascade's homeless creates fear in the community and tension between Jim and Blair. Why is Blair taking this one so personally?)
  • CVT-711-08/12/02 Robin Spare Parts Redux (Another car theft ring hits Cascade and this time Major Crime takes it personally.)